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            Creighton University is
a private, coeducational, Jesuit, Roman Catholic university located in Omaha,
Nebraska, United States. Creighton has many majors to choose from and of those
the College of Nursing is a popular desired major of recent. The Nursing
program offered at Creighton has many advantages to those who are looking to
become a health professional in the nursing field. There are many career paths
and programs that may entice those who are considering the path of a registered
nurse. The occupation of a nurse is becoming a more and more popular job and
Creighton has many advantages to offer to those want to become a nurse. 


            For 60 years, Creighton has been doing an excellent job
in preparing the next generation of nursing professionals. Nursing education at Creighton University has
a rich history, dating back to 1928 when it became affiliated with St. Joseph’s
Hospital School of Nursing.

Creighton began their own
4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in 1958. 4 years later the first
students of the BSN program at Creighton graduate in 1962. In 1975 Creighton
opens and begins the accelerated nursing program which is only the second in
the nation at the time. In 1981 Creighton then expands the nursing program
further by offering students the opportunity to achieve a Master’s degree of
science in Nursing. 4 years later the College of Nursing expands to Hastings, Neb., to partner with Mary Lanning Healthcare and
Hastings College. Time passes and 22 years later Creighton begins the Doctor of
Nursing Practice program. Creighton College of Nursing was accredited
by the National League for Nursing from 1964-2001 and is still accredited
nationally by many popular websites online.

Demographics and

            The Nursing program at Creighton has been slowly but
surely growing in popularity as a desired major. In 2007, 72 students were
admitted to the College of Nursing. In 10 years the growth has about doubled to
141 students. The average percentage of female nursing students every year is
about 90% compared to the male population of 10%. In this year’s newly admitted
student population the Nursing program has 141 students and of the 141
students, 12 students are male.


            What sets Creighton College of Nursing apart from the
rest are the programs offered. The programs include Bachelor of Science program
(BSN), Accelerated Bachelor of Science, RN to BSN program, Master of Science in
Nursing (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Post-graduate certificate
program, Outcomes
Management and Care Coordination Leadership Certificate program, and an International students program.

            The Bachelor
of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is mainly for first-year college freshman
and the most popular program, Creighton’s fully accredited BSN program
gives access those who attend a large variety of trusted professionals who will
work to help and guide those who want to achieve the profession of becoming a
nurse. An interesting fact that is appealing to all who apply to the program is
that you are directly admitted into the college of Nursing. There is no
pre-requisite or undergrad programs required to become a nursing student.

Creighton University has been trusted with preparing and shaping nurses for
nearly 60 years. At Creighton, you’ll take a broad range of classes in various
courses to receive a more fulfilling education. Through the program you will
learn to love the community around Creighton, there will be many opportunities
to connect with the community. Students will benefit from hands-on experience
and further develop critical thinking, decision-making, and communication
skills that are very key to the profession of a nurse.

            The BSN
accelerated program is a one calendar-year program option for the individuals
who have already achieved a non-nursing bachelor’s or higher degree. It is
quite similar to the BSN program but it is mainly offered to those who didn’t chose
to become a nurse.

Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) program is offered to those who have
achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.  This very challenging yet rewarding option prepares
graduates for advanced practice competencies. Through the MSN program at
Creighton’s College of Nursing, students can hope to achieve the advanced
knowledge and skills needed to be a leader in the challenging health
care environment. Creighton prioritizes new graduates who have a BSN
degree admission. The students admitted must have taken pre-requisite grad
courses as well as have completed the required 2,000 hours of clinical practice
received from clinical courses. The Master’s program consists of mostly
online classes, but on occasions students are required to attend campus, mostly
to take tests. Students have the choice to be a full-time or part-time student.

Another plus to Creighton’s master program is that students are not required to
take the GRE or submit a thesis. U.S.

News & World Report recently named it one of the best
online graduate nursing programs. Earning your MSN from Creighton, a
person can expect to be well equipped with the advanced scientific knowledge
and practical hands-on experience needed to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare
environment. Through the nursing courses offered, graduate students will become
more effective and efficient critical and creative thinker, as well as a more refined
communicator and team leader. Creighton MSN graduate will be more than ready to
make a significant contribution to the world.

            Doctor of Nursing Practice program is designed for nurses seeking a
terminal degree in nursing practice. Do you want to advance your nursing career and take on an
even greater leadership role in healthcare? Participants in the Doctor of Nursing
Practice (DNP) program expect to be given the highest level of poised preparation
for clinical practice. Creighton is the first nursing college in Nebraska to
offer this advanced degree. Creighton’s DNP program offers research-focused
doctoral programs that will require intense focus from students. The DNP programs offers the choice of
participating on either on-campus or online courses. Students can also choose to
be a full- or part-time student, classes also only meet on campus a few times
each semester. Another bonus which is similar to the MSN program is that students
don’t have to stress about taking the GRE or submitting a thesis!

            The Post-graduate certificate program is achievable for nurse
practitioners who are looking expand their extent of practice.  The
clinical nurse leader (CNL) post-graduate certificate is offered to those who
are already nurses and have achieved a master’s degree in nursing. It is more
specifically for the people who want to take the CNL exam to get officially
certified. Post graduate students who are curious in expand
their nursing role—or maybe have an interest in an area outside of what they
studied during their time in a graduate nursing program would be enticed
with what Creighton has to offer. The Post-Graduate Certificate program
through Creighton’s College of Nursing will more specifically help refine
already mastered skills and knowledge of nurse practitioners. The program also
offers the opportunity for the nurses to achieve new occupational peaks and hopefully
making it possible for the growth of guidance roles in health professions.

Management and Care Coordination Leadership Certificate Program is obtainable for
practicing registered nurses who want to expand their professional
nursing practice. Registered Nurses choosing this program are looking to
expand their professional nursing practice. Achieving this certificate will provide
you with the knowledge and skills as a leader participating in a healthcare
team. In health care, high-quality patient outcomes require the specific
knowledge and care expertise and Creighton’s Leadership Certificate program has
exactly what is needed for the health field today. Achieving an online
leadership certificate from Creighton’s College of Nursing will result in
receiving the education and hands-on practice needed to maximize impact on
patient outcomes and patient healthcare. If you choose to try the Outcomes
Management and Care Coordination Leadership Certificate Program, it will be
held for 24-weeks, all online, for practicing registered nurses.

International Students Program at Creighton is under Federal law
to give the opportunity in giving admission nonimmigrant alien students. All
international applicants whose first language is not English or who have
obtained a high school diploma or degree outside of the United States take
TOEFL test and must report a score of at least 600 on the Paper-Based Test or
at least a score of 100 on the InternetBased (IBT). Scores will not be accepted
if they are 2 years old. The College of Nursing keeps the right to give the
ability for students to re-take this exam. Foreign students also have the
option to enroll in Creighton University’s English Language Program whether it
be a full-or part-time basis in order learn English.

Expected Outcomes from Creighton Nursing

            The nursing profession is in high
demand now since there has been a reported shortage of nurses. If a bachelor’s degree
in nursing is obtained, one can be expected to have many options when thinking
of a career to pursue. Creighton reports that 97% of nursing students have a path
after graduation to follow. Creighton also states that the expected salary for
a nurse is around $48,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook
Handbook predicts that a 26% increase is due by the year of 2020, which will
result in the creation of 712,000 new nurse positions. Creighton is proud to
say that 100% of all students who graduate from the College of Nursing are prosperous
in either finding a job or getting into graduate school just nine months after
graduation. 98% of students are employed, 1% are in graduate or professor
school, and the other last 1% are in a post-grad volunteer program.   

Values of Creighton Nursing

            Creighton College of Nursing offers wholesome educational
programs that help supply opportunities for those who are looking to develop
not just the physical aspects of their life but also the spiritual. Creighton was founded upon the values of the
Jesuit Catholic tradition, and very closely follow the philosophy of St.

Ignatius. The college of nursing encourages critical
thinking, professional competence, and the ability of students to be held
accountable for their decisions in all professions that they choose. The
college of nursing also directly applies the values that Creighton offers to
all students, which would be to seek the truths and values essential to human
life. Creighton Nursing hopes to form
students that will become creative, as well as thoughtful professionals in the
workplace or wherever they may end up in life. Creighton centers their
moral teachings around 4 main values: Finding God in all things, Men and Women
for and with others, Faith that does justice, and cura personalis.  

            Finding God in all things is an important value that is
taught to students at the Creighton Nursing program and the students that
attend Creighton. There is a special
event called the Call to Nursing and another called the Blessing of the Hands.

In these two events nursing students are given a special experience in which
they are given a taste of what it is to serve those who need it.

            Women and Men for
and with Others is another Jesuit value that is important to Creighton. The nursing students in this value are
looking to perform works of service to all those who need in and around the
community of Creighton. There are several options at Creighton to do this,
simply by serving around the area of Creighton, or through a special program
called Enceuntro Dominicano, where students serve the poor in the Dominican

            Faith that Does Justice is the third moral that should be developed as a
nurse in the Creighton College of Nursing. Creighton has
several service projects that students can volunteer in. These are important to
participate in as a Creighton Nursing Student and there are opportunities to do
so, such as Project
Homeless Connect.

            Cura Personalis is the last but not least important value that is pushed
to nursing students. This is stemmed from the Latin language, which
means “care for the person.” This is a very important value that should
especially be practiced a nursing student. Creighton attempts to provide
students with the skills provide specific care for more than just physical
aspects of a person, such as reassurance of the mind and spirit.