Gay marriage acceptance

Why shouldn’t gay marriage be legalized in Australia? Aren’t they human beings as well? They deserve every right as a straight person would have when getting married. That’s why I have so much courage in saying that gay marriage should be accepted in Australia! Firstly everyone deserves their own Hallmark moment. We all have either gay friends or relies who pay their taxes and live by the law Like anyone else.

But when It comes to one of the most important moments of your life, your wedding day, the law says gays are suddenly so different they’re not allowed to have one.Society says Its fine for gays to tailor your wedding suite, coordinate the reception, even stand up and declare you man and wife. Wows that fair? Wows that not discriminating? Gay people aren’t stereotypes, they’re real human beings with real hearts and their love for their partners is just as precious as the love between a man and women. They want to get married for exactly the same reason as everyone else does. They’re in love. They want to make a commitment to each other.

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I don’t see how allowing same sex couples to get married hurts anyone else.Marriage brings so much joy, not to mention for families and friends. Every mum wants to see her son or daughter to get married. It shouldn’t make a difference if her kids gay.

Secondly what about the kids raised by gay people? They deserve the stability that comes with marriage, Just like all kids. All of us benefit when there is a bit more love in the world. If there are say 1000 gay couples who got married and decided to have 1 or more kids than 1000 to 2000 kids will be saved from unpeel futures and dreams. All those poor kids will finally have a home, doesn’t anyone want that for the oral.There are so many ads for sponsoring kids well here’s your chance to save there lives through gay couples who can’t have kids but can adopt and give them a bright future, that their real parents want for them, its not like gay couples are abusive and have bad parenting skills, there properly the most happiest married couples besides from straight people. Thirdly people say stuff Like “marriage will be devalued”. But that doesn’t add up.

I mean If more people get married Isn’t that good for marriage, doesn’t It make It more relevant?In a world were 50% of marriages end In divorce, It doesn’t make sense to turn people away who want to tie the knot. Who cares about the ones already divorced, clearly they weren’t meant to be together. Just because others make mistakes doesn’t mean that same sex couples should be punished for it. Let them have what you couldn’t make work. You can learn a thing or two off them about marriage.

Also there is a growing knowledge of research showing that same sex and and they are also living a longer lifestyle according to the US Centre for DiseaseControl, even rates of heart disease, drug use and stress are lower among married partners. The governments restrictions on who gay and lesbian Australians can marry violates their fundamental human rights. Its the same way the rights of Aboriginal Australians and African Americans were once violated by laws which prevented them from marrying who they wished. The difference between the equality in marriage and freedom is understood but the struggle for the civil rights of people of color is different.

In 1958, in the middle of the struggle for black civil rights in America,Martin Luther Jar declared, “When any society says that I cannot marry a certain person, that society has cut Off segment of my freedom. ” Well consider all the other groups in society along with people of color and same sex attracted people who have been denied the right to marry the partner of their choice whether they are a women, from different cultures or religions or even are disabled in some way. Everything they have in common is that they’ve either been named as immature or irresponsible to make what is the most important decision that any individual can ever make, the choice of a life long partner.Common seriously there are so many countries which have already legalized same sex marriage. The Netherlands legalized it in 2001, Spain in 2005, Vermont and New Hampshire in 2009, Connecticut in 2008, Portugal in 2010 and most recently New York in 2011, there are still many more countries who have legalized it. It makes Australia look a little behind. Why hasn’t Australia yet legalized it? They don’t effect you, in a matter of fact how is it your business? Yes Australia should have laws but no law would discriminate someone rights for same sex marriage or anything else personal.

Last time I checked they didn’t harm anyone else or effect the happiness of your family. You should put yourselves in their shoes. How would you feel? That’s the question everyone should apply to themselves before they have an opinion and decide to make a law that is Just prejudice and discriminates someone life. The point I’m trying to make here is don’t Judge a person by their label. According to a national study by researches at the University of Queensland, 54% of Australian same sex partners would marry if they had the choice.

0% of Australians in same sex relationships support marriage equality even if they do not wish to marry. The bottom line is that marriage is about love and commitment, a big commitment. If someone wiling to make that kind of commitment we shouldn’t be stopping them. We should be saying “go for it”, and whether its “Adam and eve” or Adam and Steve” it shouldn’t make a difference. Don’t make decisions for someone else with laws Just the partner of their dreams and living happily for the rest of their lives.

By Canaan kamala