Gender Differences & Family

Juvenile delinquency is something that is happening all over the world at any given moment.

The reasoning behind Juvenile delinquency is something criminologists yearn to explain. Some criminologists have thought that gender plays an Important role in determining rather a Juvenile will offend or not. Some even think female offenders are treated differently than male offenders. Others think family Is the key behind why Juveniles learn to offend. The reasoning criminologists have for these beliefs is something that does make sense.Gender Is something we have always used to explain bad behavior and good behavior.

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It has always been assumed that girls are Just programmed to behave better than boys. Crime amongst Juvenile offenders has provided some proof of this assumption. Juvenile boys are more likely to become delinquent than girls.

However, It Is becoming more common for girls to become delinquent and commit the same crimes that Juvenile boys are committing. Prior to the Increase In Juvenile delinquency amongst girls, It was thought that girls who became delinquent did so for reasons that were understandable.Their crimes were caused by family issues, sexual solicitation, or running away.

Some early ornithologists ignored female offenders altogether, refusing to see their crimes as anything serious. The reasons behind why boys are more likely to become delinquent than girls is something that may be caused by development. The development of colonization skills start to take place as early as infancy. Boys are taught to react to social situations in different ways than girls. For example boys may react to social situations with feelings of anger and become physical.Girls react in social situations by keeping things inside and suppressing these feelings for fear of damaging their arsenal relationships. Cognitively girls and boys also differ. Girls learn to speak earlier with better pronunciation and read better than boys.

Whereas boys have excellent visual/spatial ability and are better at math. Personalities also differ among boys and girls. Girls have a lower self-esteem than boys, are more self-aware, and have a better attention span.

Boys tend to think very highly of themselves, are very materialistic, and lack attention span.These things all may factor into why a boy is more likely than a girl to become a Juvenile delinquent. Boys are more likely to react o situations with anger and physical assaults which result in delinquency. The need for boys to assert their power is also another factor that may lead to delinquency.

Girls are more morally aware and therefore avoid physical attacks in most all cases. Girls are also better at speaking so getting their feelings out instead of resorting to confrontation is easier for them.Girls are taught to keep self-control In all situations, where boys are taught they are supposed to be tough. It has also been said that reasons boys are more likely to become criminals Is as simple as girls not galling anything from the crime. Whatever the cause the amount of girls committing the same crimes as boy are quickly becoming an even number. Some people feel once a girl Is In the Juvenile Justice system she Is treated differently than males In the system for the same crimes. The way girls are being treated Is seen as unfair.Girls are more likely to be arrested for status offenses than boys.

Once arrested girls are also more likely to be sent away until trial than boys are. Girls may also still receive treated differently than boys in the system is anyone’s guess. It could simply be the stereotypical view that boys are supposed to act that way, whereas girls are supposed to always been on their best behavior. Being female is definitely not a benefit once in the Juvenile Justice system because the punishment is often far worse than a males punishment for the same crimes.Family is another factor criminologists believe to play an important role in Juvenile delinquency. Most all delinquents have suffered some type of family issues that have put them on the path to delinquency. These issues vary from problems with rules and discipline at home, Rosen families, sibling issues, or the environment in which the child is brought up. It has become more common for the family makeup to play a huge role in why an adolescent resorts to delinquency.

More children are being born to unmarried women and even more have broken homes.The lack of both parents in the home often causes emotional and financial stress. These kids are living in areas that are high in crime because of lack of finances and therefore are more likely to turn to the streets and the crimes taking place on them. Other adolescents living in two parent homes may still have dysfunctional families. These families are either broken and the children are being tossed back and forth between two homes and used as pawns in divorce and custody battles.

Others are being raised in homes that instead of breaking up, are continuing in constant conflict amongst the entire family.Neglect by parents is a major reason why one may turn to a life of delinquency. Parents who provide healthy environments for their children while allowing them times and place to assert individual behavior are less likely to have delinquent children. Children being raised by parents who are criminals themselves or with siblings who are Iranians are also more likely to become delinquent than children being raised around non-criminals.

The behavior allowed by and practiced by the family has a huge impact on rather a child will become delinquent or not.Positive behavior will result in positive actions, whereas negative behavior results in negative actions. We are the muse for our children and the way we raise them will affect them. Rather gender difference or family situations have a bigger impact on Juvenile delinquency is a debate that could be had all day. Both do effect rather a child will become a juvenile delinquent in their own ways. Rather because of the development preferences in boys and girls or because of the make-up of the family our children are becoming Juvenile delinquents.