Gender studies

Throughout sociology there have been the major issues and controversies on the perspective of the education system is not providing equal opportunities to both genders meaning the national curriculum Is favored to girls and this has been an issue for very long time. In the nineteenth- century women were destined for housework and women were taught domestic skills Like cooking and the boys were taught craft skills.In this assignment I am going to explain how sociology has helped me to understand the issues of education and I’m going to explain this by reading and analyzing journals. Firstly there issues of boys not performing very well in secondary schools, the colonization of gender within in schools assures that girls are made aware that they are unequal to boys. Every time students are seated or lined up by gender, teachers are affirming that girls and boys should be treated differently.When different behaviors are tolerated for boys because It Is mostly said that, ‘boys will be boys’, There Is some evidence that girls are becoming more academically successful than boys, however examination of the classroom shows that girls and boys continue to be socialized In ways that work against gender equity. In some cases could be said that girls sometimes get away with bad behavior and can be Influenced by boys. The first journal I looked at to support my point above is called, why should secondary schools take working with boys seriously? Y David Jackson this journal tells us why teachers find it difficult working with boys as well as the issues with boys in general.

However boys in school are disruptive. For example David mentions, ‘ they spent most of the lesson singing or humming, putting their feet up on desk, fighting, pinching ACH other’s books, calling out, having a laugh’ (2010:piggy) this shows that boys to not concentrate in school because they don’t stay focus this is due to the curriculum does not suit them.However Marxist did mention the hidden curriculum and how education prepares students for work force, and school does provide individuals to get ready for work force.

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Boys always demand attention. By reading this article teachers do not pay attention to Boys as David observed a class and saw that the teacher cannot control the boys and the teacher response was, ‘boys will be boys’. For example Wright (2002) one suggestion is that the continuing pressure on the educational unit of resources has increased teachers use of time-management, with the result teachers are less available to interact with pupils(pig.

002). Another reason why buys underachieve is that teachers have lower expectations of boys and this leads to negative labeling. By my understanding it could be said that boys pay less attention to class because the style of teaching does not suit them.

For instance boys are not into coursework or writing. Boys are being labeled too much because here are some boys that do well in secondary school and go to get good degree’s and jobs.The Ideology of boys not doing well In schools It’s the way society things and It not fair because It’s labeling all boys when there are some out there who perform better. Also If a boys want talk to his teacher one to want they might feel embarrassed to talk because of what their friends might think. For the main point for On the other hand there are smart boys in secondary school that get bad grades because of the type friends they choose to hang out with.

For instance Jackson mentions, the majority of boys are not the super-cool, swaggering, hard cases they would like to think they are in their fantasy world'(2010;piggy) by reading this article I understood that’s schools are changed not suit boys and that why they are finding it hard to perform or concentrate because now at early age kids are taught to read and many boys are not skilled verbally as girls; the main reason is a boy is more active than a girl so it hard for a boy to sit down for long period; finally many teachers are women therefore, there are few male models for learning and Many boys don’t feel hat they can grow up to be masculine men by being good at school.Girls often feel that you can be a successful girl and woman by doing well in school. Most importantly you don’t see many men teaching subjects like sociology, English etc. Schools need to rethink about the national curriculum to give boys a fair chance. There is a big issue of boys not performing in school not behaving well and all the focus has turn on to boys but what about girls who find it difficult in schools which has been talked about much.

Another Journal that I have looked at is called, including and excluding girls'(2006) which is a review essays looks at some reason why some girls find it difficult in school and girls that have behavior problems in school.Firstly some girls find it hard to make friends and this is due to many problems like girls fall out more often and a more aware of their looks. Although the main focus of feminist educational research (gender inequalities) has remained largely changed over the past years, the emphasis of this research has changed from explanations about why girls achieve less than boys in the education system because that is not the situation anymore.

) to explaining how girls learn to cope with a range of School and workplace disadvantages, but some girls do not perform well at all and do get excluded from school. There was one point that I found interesting is, ‘Girls withdraw from classroom activity, they exclude even when present in the classroom and they also withdraw from school altogether.Osler and Vincent underline the link between truancy and longer term exclusion (piggy;2006) due to the facts some girls to get into fight several times which does lead to exclusion.

As I was researching there article on BBC news which said that ‘Girl’s behavior in class is deteriorating’ basically the article tells us that girls behavior had worsen over the past two years and tells us static and reason (20011: BBC article) this could be due to the fact that girls are getting influenced by the boys behavior yet again could be many reason due to this. However many sociologist concentrate on boys being disruptive or bad behavior in school there are some young girls who have the same problem.I looked at an interesting article called, You have to learn to love yourself ‘coos no one else will’ young women with ‘social, emotional or behavior difficulties’ and the idea of underclass’s by Gowned Lloyd and Anne Reagan. This article looks at how young difficulties throughout schools. The first interview that they conducted they spoke to women who were identified with social, emotional or behavior difficulties known as SUBBED and they found out these women when they left school had a difficult life after school was finished most of them weren’t employed either pregnant. So it shows that omen who are identified with SUBBED do not do well in schools. So could be said that girl’s behavior in school is not looked at in depth than boys behavior in schools.Another Journal that I have found interesting helped me to understand the relationship between a male and female in the classroom, this article is called ‘Reel theorizing gender: female masculinity and male femininity in the classroom? By Becky Francis (2010) interesting point she made, ‘in the identification of ‘gender’ is not to be made via the body, it must be made via analysis of performed behavior.

Piggy;2010) this shows that a way a person act can be labeled because some girls act like boys you get tomboys’ and then you have some boys that are into girl things which leads to bulling in schools. In this article they looked at boys who do girl things and had best friends as girls. For example, ‘Tristan was seen as one of the girls’ (piggy: 2010) this can be a positive points in school the idea of girls doing women stuff and boys doing men stuff can die out slowly.The problem is that many institution are gendered which reproduce gender relationship between men and omen. From a young age we are taught that women do these things and mean gout out and work while women look after the kids an individual does grow up thinking that how it suppose to be and can lead to confusion.

On the other hand subject choice may still be influenced by gender solicitation. The ideas of femininity and masculinity create different expectations and stereotypes to what to study. What I have understood by all my research and sociologist work is that; the education system suits girls best because firstly the national curriculum has forced girls to do ales subject like science which girls are getting better at it.

GEESE contain more coursework than exams and doing coursework suits girls better because they put in more effort, neat, organized work and it takes a lot of time which boys cannot concentrate that much. The factor outside school is that boys spend their time being physically active playing sports with their mates or playing games while the girls are more likely to get their homework complete. Many sociologists have looked into it but there don’t seem to be any solution. Media has a huge impact in gender inequality as o see different advertisement for both sexes.

There also norms and values to what you have been taught at home so this is why when children start school they have the idea of what is expected.More girls no have ambition in life is to go to university get a good degree and then have a good Job which has changed overtime were women stayed at home doing all the domestic work as well as some women go on to get masters and PHD. Now you seem more women becoming lectures. Women have been given more opportunities more freely to make choices. Sociologist do agree that there are inequalities in education system since you have different ethnic groups who also struggle in school because of language barrier and black boys in addition there is the problem of students being racist to each other and teachers fail to identify.

Some fail to do well because they are not well off than other students. So overall the whole education system has an inequality which is a problem today.In conclusion nowadays expectations and attitudes have changed, for instance, the expectations from girls and their parents. More women work now parents want their daughters to have a good education, a Job and get married which shows us that people attitudes have changed. There are more opportunities for women in professional and non- professional Jobs and childcare is provided.

Although girls education has improved, sociologist still point that there are still inequalities in education and gender differences in subject. There is still the idea of gender and education which is dying out slowly but will always exist. Overall gender inequalities are current in today society and will always remain like this.