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Edible recently opened his own chemical plant in Bespatters. His financial advisor Torah, has discovered a new technique for boosting company profit. If the company can cheaply extract the pure form of a new metal M from its oxide, the metal could be sold at xx the price of production. What is the empirical formula of this oxide, given the following: Total mass of metallic oxide: 80. 763 g Mass of metal is 74 % of the total mass (It was later discovered the new metal held 11 protons, 12 neutrons & 11 electrons) 4.

Mr..Collins went home and wanted to know about the following: a. The number of moles of chlorine atoms in 3. Egg of tetrachloride’s (CHIC) b. The number of moles of fluorine atoms in 204 g of boron territorial OFF; c.

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The number of moles of chloride in 5. 55 g of calcium chloride, Cal 2 d. The number of moles of sulfate Ions In egg of magnesium sulfate 3 e. The number of molecules In 1000 CM of barium nitrate 5.

100 CM of hydrogen chloride gas was mixed with a metallic compound producing very volatile & explosive reaction.What Is the mass of this gas at ART?? 6. A Compound that has 1 sulfur atom per molecule contains 17. 3% of sulfur per mass. What Is the relative molecular mass of this compound? 7.

A compound MAN, contains 0. Egg of nitrogen per gram of metal. What is the 8. The green pigment found in plants, chlorophyll, contains 1 magnesium atom per chlorophyll molecule.

The percentage by mass of the magnesium per chlorophyll molecule is 2. 72%. What is the molar mass of chlorophyll?