Geraldo and His Phobia

Behavior therapists assume “that problem behaviors are the problems, and the application of learning principles can eliminate them. ” (Myers 2013) Phobias are highly treatable and a behavior therapist would counterintuitive by use of exposure therapies, the act of replacing fear with something relaxing to help Gerald Out with his phobia. Exposure therapies include systematic desensitizing, and virtual reality exposure therapy.

A Psychoanalytic therapist would “presume that healthier, less anxious living becomes possible when people release energy they had previously devoted to id-ego-superego conflicts. (Myers 201 3) Psychoanalysis is historical reconstruction meaning, by using experiences of the childhood they can mold the adult. Psychoanalysis focus more on a person’s past to understand their present. They sit out of sight and allow a patient free association. The patient lies on a couch and talks about anything that comes to mind. For instance a person could be retelling an event from their childhood then go into taking about a stressful event last week at work r perhaps a daydream.

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Once a person realizes how obscure their conversation is they omit things that would potentially embarrass them. Once a conversations gets deep enough a person may draw a blank in their story. This is considered resistance, the therapist will then offer insight and their interpretation of the reason they are coming to a blank and thus creates a light bulb for the patient so as they understand their reasoning behind the blank draw. 1 . References 1.

Myers, D. G. (2013).