Get student’s friendship motivated each other and provides


Get some information from
university student where friendship help students succeed in the university
life that keep social time and study time balanced. In fact, university
student’s friendship would be more powerful and meaningful than that.  How friendship networks are matter to
students for university success? Based on the research, student’s friendship motivated
each other and provides emotional support though friendly competition at university
lives. Thus, friends are really not separate from each other’s university lives.
According to McCabe as cited in Kovaos (2016), as she is a professor of
sociology at the University of Chicago state that sometimes friends could be
barrier to university achievement, but they frequently offered help as well
whether students will encourage each other and 
studying in groups. Students recognize help from a group from people who
worry and care like as a family as seriously in helping they manage with
challenging and experience at university. Friends who gave university help in
various ways which different friend give different to support, students in the group
had a tendency to perform better academic skills, which motivated them to
complete classwork or focus and  concentrate for quizzes that could be boosted
their grade from work together. Some people might consider popular students or
member of group are unnecessarily can link to high academic accomplishment but
they have a tendency to transfer their attitudes in studying at university
though other students around them. Highly performance students can transfer their influence to
classmates with the persons who they discuss, spend time as well as about the
things in academic. For example, friends can give words
and a listening to move on when you are facing with a failure at university
class as exam or assignment like you can do, I will help you, or you are my