Getting Married Young

Some people say getting married young is not a good idea, but some of them say is good.When two couple get married, they can do lot of things when they were young.

Getting married young gives two couple more times and good years together and to know each other more and more.In my opinion, it is a good idea to get married young.So, here is some reason for why I think getting married young is good idea. First of all, If two couple get married young, so they could have a lot of time to do lot of things.For example, you can spend lot of time with your wife or husband.Such as going to do exercise or play or party and have some fun.You can also travel a lot places that you want to enjoy your new life with your other half.

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When you had children you can also spendtime with your whole family and enjoy your life.If you get married old, and in the future who knows what is going to happen to you or your other half.Because people getting old it is very easy to get sick or disease.If something is really gonna happen however it will make you all family members said.

Second, two couples have to make specific schedule.For example, make a schedule about who doing the housework during what time to what time.Who is going to take care of children at the different time.If both of the couples are doesn’t have free time and they working at the same time, and you can hire a nanny to doing the housework.But important thing is even if you working all the time you have to get some time to spend with your kid and take care of your children.Because this is the really important things for parents to do even though you are busy you have to teach your children something good.

So you have to make your clear schedule of everything.Also it will helps you to make your life easier. Third, this one is the most important one, it is you have more time to learn lot of things and to know each other more.For example, how to make you…