Gifted Hands

This story is about a black man named Benjamin Carson, who started as young boy who struggled and became a neurosurgeon. Detroit, Michigan, some call It the slums, some call it the ghetto but it has been named one of the most dangerous cities In America. Ben Carson, born September 18th, 1951 lived In Detroit.

As a young eight year old, him and his brother Curtis, who was ten, struggled In school. In school Ben was teased because he failed a lot of tests. But his mother having a third grade education, made him and his brother work hard.Ben’s life was not easy growing up. HIS mother Sonny Carson grew up poor In Tennessee, also was the next to youngest of twenty-four children. She was thirteen when she met Ben’s father. He promised her “to rescue her from her sad situation and take her north to Detroit” (Chapter 1, peg.

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9). Ben’s father spoiled Sonny and because of that she became skeptical of the money he was getting. She believed he was Involved In drugs, which he was, and she also found out he had another family and wife and made him leave the house.This was Ben’s first encounter with hard times.

Ben did not want his father to leave saying “If Daddy did something wrong, why can’t you just forgive him and let him come home? “(Chapter 1, peg. 8). This separation from her husband hit her hard and she eventually went for help. She told her two boys that she was making “visits to relatives” but it wasn’t until the two boys were older that they found out she was checking “herself into a mental hospital for treatment of depression and emotional stress. (Chapter 1, peg. 13). As that time went on that their mother was away Ben was making improvements in school and becoming a better student.

One thing Ben occasionally had a problem with was his temper; he had many altercations, even one that could have put him in Jail for the rest of his teen years. That situation was when he almost killed his best friend Bob. That was the moment Ben knew he had a temper problem.

After that situation he ran home and locked himself in the bathroom for four hours.He realized his problem and asked the Lord to help him ND after that he didn’t have any more problems with his temper. Moving on in life Ben graduated high school and went to college at Yale University. There he also started of struggling in his chemistry class. Knowing that he could not fall, he said “If I fall chemistry, I wont be able to continue my premed studies. I’ll never be a doctor. And that Is all Eve ever wanted to be! ” (Chapter 8, peg. 53).

Ben was not only falling the class he had the worse grade in the class going Into the final.But his teacher gave IM a chance by telling him the rule If he passes his final exam that he would pass the class. But Ben struggled and wondered how he would pass If he already TLD grasp any concept. But like he did before he went to the Lord and prayed and asked God to help him. God gave Ben a dream and the dream was of him doing problems on a board. When It was exam time Ben opened the exam and the first problem was one of the problems in his dream. Ben was excited and thanked the Lord for helping him pass.