GistChapters in One Research Paper

Sure. Time-on-target…

.. Target at the same Instant” (32) I thought this quote was very Interesting. I’ve always been fascinated with military tactics and I thought this was a very interesting topic to research. It also made me think about how scary and hard to stop a missile attack would be. If all of these missiles are coming from different angles and at different times then it would be very hard to stop all them before they reach shorts. “Lemma says the only way a general can win in.

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…. Randy felt angry” I agree with this quote. I think that the only way that you can truly way to win a war today Is to not be In the war at all.Although you may say that you have won the war, many lives were lost. Also millions of dollars worth.

This quote Is very true. After all the battles are fought, and some land or oil is won, what have you truly won. Many lives were lost in families were destroyed. Millions of dollars were spent. I think going toward is a loss in itself.

“Peewee may be a mouse….. Shoot down the moon, he’d try” (69) everything. Although he is very tiny and not the smartest or the brightest, he believes that he can accomplish anything that you ask him to.This really shows for his character and courage.

Although you may ask him to do a task that is impossible to accomplish, Jonas will not give up until he is too tired to continue. I have a feeling that if I asked Jonas to shoot down the moon, he would too attempt and not give up until one day he did. “Yesterday, he would of stopped instantly…..

.. The tradition of the good Samaritan must die” (84) I believe this excerpt is very true. Although I would like to hold myself to a higher standard than others, I believe that faced time of crisis, I too would lose my morals and self values.

I think the stress and chaos caused by this type of situation would cause me to become a different person than I am today. All the comfort and items that I have now I am blessed with, although once they were taken away I am put a time before I believe I as well as everybody around me would have to become a different person to survive. Although I do think it is very important to keep your morals and good character, for that is what is needed to be come a successful society “You react to crisis in the right way…..

Others meet the challenge and harden” (1 1 1) I choose this quote because it fits well with my quote from chapter 5.It talks about owe during crisis it is important to keep your current state of mind and moral character. One of the worst things you can do in a time of chaos is to completely change who you are. If you lose sight of what’s important and become a different person then you will not be able to maintain and rebuild your society. Some people go crazy and insane when faced the prices. Others are able to keep it together and keep a calm state of mind, those are the type of people that become leaders I believe.

“Survival of the fittest……

The tough catfish” (176) I agree with this expert completely.We have all been become accustomed to the info lifestyles that we currently have. If face of such change it would be necessary to adapt to our new situation. All that was important to stay the person you on the inside, you need to adjust and adapt to the new situation at hand. If you want to survive in such new changes in a new environment, you will need to have to become accustomed to what is new.

“Randy walked to the bar counter and began to…

.. Most” (179) .. But not what he missed the This continues to add onto the theme of adaptation.Although there are many major changes that are made in your life, it is also the small things that hurt. Something as small as having to adapt to using your own makeshift razor blade. Yes Randy misses his electric razor blade, but he had to adapt and make his own.

This shows how drastically in life can change although like I said there will be big changes, I think one of the hardest parts to be getting use the little things. Little things such as no clean clothes, no hot water, no home-cooked meals, and no Internet. These things would be some of the hardest overcome because we have become so accustomed to them. We were born with silver spoons in our…..

.. We relaxed, didn’t we? ” (230) I think this quote fits very well with the rest of my entries.

It really does talk about how accustomed we have become such a comfy carefree lifestyle. I think it is becoming a major theme of this book to overcome and adapt to change. Although I hope that we are never faced of such a difficult challenge, I would like to believe that I would be able to become accustomed to such change. They’re out this book the characters will have to truly change their lifestyles and ideals to be able to survive this catastrophic event. Chi 10 “No.

A company under martial law…

Guess it’s up to me” (265) I am never completely great on martial law. Although I get what it does the protective ensure the safety of citizens, I don’t think it is one of the most effective ways to do it. I feel like a martial law causes more panic and chaos than it fixes. Especially since martial law is such a open book, if declared it can be anything. I’ve always personally been scared by the thought of martial law. Since martial law only comes up in times of chaos and despair, martial law I thought has never been a very good sign. I usually only see it and horror movies or war movies or somewhere where everything is gone to the worst.This is truly showing how bad everything is has become.

Chi 11 Sunday… Which he presently intended to do” (265) I think this is important quote because it shows how much respect Randy has earned. It also shows how responsible he is and how much of a leader has become. I think this was a smart move move of Randy Because I believe that the marriage will give people hope of a new beginning.

Marriage always seem to be the start of something new, and I think Randy getting married mightn’t sparked some new hope that maybe not all is lost. Chi 12 “The end of corn and….

.. Fish and salt their survival was in doubt. 298) This is really scary expert. It kind of shows how much despair and how badly everything is going. I think one of the scariest things for me, would be losing food and water and such a time of crisis.

The characters will really have to work together and team up to find a solution to this crisis. This reminds me of the famine in Ireland. They will to find a new source of food and a new way to make food.

If they want to survive. Chi 13 “Some scientist think it will take…. To anything close to normal” (309) I choose this quote because I personally found it crazy how catastrophic the destruction would be.

After doing more research I found that it would actually take more than Just a thousand years for the areas affected to once again be livable. I understand it is Just a book, but reading this I find it absolutely crazy how someone could find the self doing this. Killing so many people and destroying so much land, making it virtually uninhabitable for over ten century’s. It truly takes a unique and heartless individual to do something so horrid. It made me look back on all of the wars and mass killing in history.

I can not bring myself to understand how someone could let that happen under their leadership.