Giver Literary Essay

When feelings so are eliminated from any place t becomes superficial, colorless, and therefore, no longer worth living in. Everything in Jonas’ community is safe, there are no extremes of any emotion, and everyone is happy. In order to keep this safeness, and prevent any of those extremes, every single feeling is dealt with. The people of the community deal with their feelings by discussing them with their family, trying to work them out. “It was one of the rituals, the evening telling of the feelings. (5) After receiving memories of genuine feelings, Jonas soon realizes that the feelings of the people in his community re not even close to being complex, and cannot be solved by simply talking about them. “But now Jonas had experienced real sadness.

He had felt grief… These were deeper and they did not need to be told. They were felt. ” (132) One of the possibly most dangerous feelings that the community erases Is lust. This feeling, also known as Stirrings.

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Is quickly dealt with. By simply popping a pill.Jonas first comes about the pill, when he retells a dream he had the night before. In his dream he recalls a certain feeling, and tries his best to describe it, “The wanting, I could feel the mating all through me. ” (36) His parents are quick to respond to this, introducing him to the pill, speaking as if wanting is a terrible disease that must be cured. You’re ready for the pills, that’s all. That’s the treatment for Stirrings. ” (37) The effect of the pill Is almost Immediate, and hastily dulls all feelings.

“But the feelings had disappeared. The stirrings were gone. (39) Because of this, we can assume, that relationships between spouses are not built upon attraction, or even love; they are simply another part of the picture, and do not truly mean a thing. The people of this community are so obsolete to true feelings; they do not know the value of human life. Even ending a person’s existence does not seem like such a bad thing. In any normal place, exterminating people for the sake of preferences Is Inhumane, unheard of. But here, In Jonas’ community they think of people as a pair of shoes, or a set of silverware– replaceable.

If they release Gabriel, can we get another new child as a visitor? Asked Lily. ” The act of euthanasia is happening almost every day for these people. To the old, the young, and the ones who break the rules. Even injecting a helpless baby with a harmful chemical, then watching it have a seizure before it quickly dies, does not seem to affect Jonas’ father In any way. “His father loaded the carton contacting the body In the chute and gave It a shove.

‘Bye- day as if nothing has happened, you know there is something wrong with their conscience, or in this case- their lack of.The shallowness of the feelings in this community greatly effect family and relationships in many ways- none of which are positive. The families in this place are not seen as a group of people who love and cherish each other, but are instead Just a group of people chosen because they compliment each other’s personality. The spouses cannot be chosen by anyone but the Elders, and their is a specific formula for each family unit,’ two parents, and two children, a boy and a girl. There are no grandparents, and when the two children grow older, the parents are sent to the House of Childless Adults, almost to never see the children again.Jonas receives the Emory of love; he asks his parents if they love him.

His parents simply respond with, “Jonas. You, of all people. Precision of language, please! ” (127) They then explain to him that love is a meaningless word, and that they appreciate him, but do not love him. What kind of family is that? There answer pushes Jonas to do something, something that allows him to feel love “Something within him, something that had grown there through the memories, told him to throw the pill away.

” (129) Jonas wanted to experience real love, and so he did.