Global Warming: Causes, Effects and Solutions

So deforestation through burning (slash and burn) adds to the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Effects / Consequences to Global Warming DROUGHT- Global warming causes an increase in the earth’s temperature, which has several effects, among which is drought. Drought is defined as a condition in which an area has more dry weather than normal and receives abnormally low or no precipitation for a long period of time, long enough to cause economic and environmental issues such as famine to citizens, malnutrition, amongst other serious diseases and livestock perish to name a few.This is because thunder ND lightning storms thrive under moisture and rapidly rising warm air. At the rapid rate that humidity is increasing it is predicted that in some places the chance oftener and lightning storms occurring will rise up to 100% by the end Of the century. The season for these disasters Will be extended and there Will also be more storms occurring out of the season.

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Thunder and lightning storms are also common ways of starting serious and dangerous wildfires. EXTENDED GROWING SEASONS- This is a positive effect of global warming, especially in countries and regions with colder climates.With the increase in temperature, warmer seasons like summer are arriving earlier and are becoming longer, These warm conditions are needed for crops to thrive. During longer growing seasons more crops are produced benefiting the country greatly as it improves their revenue in the agricultural sector and produces more food for the country. Solutions to Global Warming and Its Negative Effects Global Warming is being faced worldwide and in 2005 the Kyoto agreement first proposed international action on global warming and effects on the climate.Here in the Caribbean, we have the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre which offers advice and strategies to help the Caribbean region in its response to climate change while helping to work on solutions to the problem of Global Warming and Climate Change in the Caribbean. We can help to slow global warming by Reforestation.

Trees absorb and store Carbon Dioxide. Global Warming has also been caused by the removal Of forests Which would have balanced the carbon cycle.Forests will be able to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus we must protect our forests and Stop deforestation. We can become more energy efficient by reducing the amount of energy used n our homes, businesses and schools.

Unplug gadgets that aren’t in use. Turn off the lights and unplug your phone charger when leaving your home. We can also purchase more energy efficient gadgets. Through traffic. Families can be encouraged to use bicycles for short distances, reducing the amount of cars on the road and therefore the amount of car exhaust being released.Also, families with more than one car should use the more fuel efficient car, Also, we can carpool which would also reduce the amount of cars on the road et cetera, Renewable energy sources. Energy sources whose production does not produce greenhouse gases should be used such as geothermal energy.

However, there is now considering as a last resort, which is the deliberate changing “engineering” of the earth’s environment in order to combat the effects of global warming, Opinions on this differ widely as some of these may have unintended negative effects on the earth.