Globalization and the Congo

Globalization and the Congo The article “Globalization, water, and the Congo” tackles the negative effects of globalization in the Congo. Some of these negatives include the sourcing of weapons from foreign entities, or the need of companies to acquire rare natural resources to fuel the ever increasing demand for their electronic products by the global village. Other more indirect effects of globalization are also covered, like the shortage of clean water and why simple fixes to this crawls are overlooked or Ignored.While the sorority of the world population have benefited In some way or another from the effects of globalization, some less fortunate regions have experienced the opposite. Regions Like the Democratic Republic of the Congo have seen a steady stream of violence and lawlessness that Is a direct product of Imperialism and globalization. In the article, the author discusses the Influx of weapons from outside sources such as N. Korea, and the united States (globetrotting’s. Org).

The author also points out that the Congo is rich in rare resources that fuel trade in both industrial nations and evolving economies (globetrotting’s. Rug). Since many of these resources are exclusive and abundant to this region, foreign powers and corporations are willing to pay warlords or invading countries to acquire these resources. Globalization along with its free flow of trade single handedly fuels the violence presence in the region.

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We know that worldly desire for rare resources fuel the violence, but how do the instruments of violence discussed in the article make it so easily into the Congo? Globalization has removed barriers or obstacles of trade as in restriction even in disagrees such as small arms and munitions.As long as there is monetary gain in bringing weapons into the Congo, there is no short supply of capitalist willing to capitalize on the misfortunes of the people of the Congo. While many of the effects of globalization are physical, it is not Just the physical exchange and acquisition of technological goods that are byproducts of globalization. The technology behind the innovations being brought into the country furthers globalization upon itself.

The communication infrastructure in Africa, most notably in entrant African countries such as the Congo is extremely poor.For instance, while the Importation of cellular phones may aid and act as Instruments of violence, the cell phones permit communication with Individuals not only on the continent of Africa but throughout the world. Since the demand for cellular phones Increases even for nefarious use, consequently the country of Africa benefits by the Installation of modern technological Infrastructure such as cell phone towers to accommodate the growing demand. Another huge problem covered In the article was that of the robber especially In terms of the U. N. Budget.So then why doesn’t the help In this regard? The author states that those who contribute financially to the U. N.

And other aid groups ultimately decide where the money goes (globetrotting’s. Org). Language and race preferences lean in the direction of English speaking countries and grossly disavow French, and Portuguese speaking regions (globetrotting’s. Org).

Receives nearly no humanitarian aid. Instant communication and informational integration among the nations with power help fuel the bigotry and help solidify the recreational flow of aid moneys.