Organizational Goals

These categories help me keep my goals organized and easy to obtain. Long term goals are hardest to finish yet the easiest to make. My long term goals are what I want to do when I grow. My favorite goal In this category is that I plan to have my PhD In computer engineering by the time I am 26. Want to go to A&T university or Temple university to study engineering.

To complete these goals I need to keep up my GAP and get Involved In as many engineering activities as possible. To make getting into the college of my choice easy, I need to make sure that I know all acquirement I need to get into the school and engineering program.Another long term goal of mine it to travel to the major cities of the world. Some of the cities I would like to visit are Rome, Paris, Melbourne, Venice, London, and ROI. All these cities are huge tourists attractions that have a part of the country’s history in them. I want to travel the year after I get my PhD before I start my career.

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I am hoping and planning to have enough money saved so that I can travel using my own money. Once I have my PhD and have traveled for a little while I would like to settle down In small town and have my dream Job, which I have not decided yet, and start a family.The other category I Like to categorize my goals Into are my short term goals. My short term goals are mainly all the activities and things I would like to achieve before I graduate from high school. The major goal I want is to accomplish is getting my temps on July 24, 2013 (my half- birthday) and my driver’s license February 24, 2014 (my birthday). I have already started to learn the driving laws and commands of Ohio so that I can get my temps in July. To get my driver’s license on my birthday I need to o to driving school sometime in November or December and take my test in February.I also want to graduate with an B and Engineering diploma and be a valedictorian in 2016.

My goal is to graduate with at 4. 8 GAP or higher but nothing less. I am In Pre- B now and Pre- Engineering all I have to do is continue with these two programs to get the diploma. To get a 4. 8 GAP I need to keep up my grades, study, and do well on all project and tests. I would Like to have my first Job In high school. Having a Job will make me feel as If I don’t have to rely on my parents for Lastly I have a list of personal goals, or my bucket list.

My bucket list has many activities that are Just pure fun and nothing too serious. My most important goal in this list is to buy my own ticket to a rated R movie. This is more of an independence goal than anything else. All I have to do is turn seventeen to purchase my own ticket and I would like to pay for it with my own money.

I would really like to have a small group of close friends that I know will stay in touch our entire lives. To make that happen I Just become friends with people who like me for me and are reliable yet noun.I would also like to read five hundred books in a year. The books would not have to be a certain type of genre, I Just want to be able to say I have read five hundred books in a year. Goals, I have found, are an easy way to organize my thoughts and plans in life. Categorizing the goals make them attainable and gives me a certain amount of time for each goal. Most of my plans are based on my own independence.

Using lists and categories will hopefully allow me to know my goals and achieve them. My goals are basic and simple the only hard part is obtaining them when and how I want to.