Going the Extra Mile for Success

I believe that in order to have or do what you want in live you will have to go the extra mile and work hard for it. Not to long ago I started to take an interest in dirt bikes, I asked my mom for my first bike she responded like it was a bad punch like to ajoke. I was shocked on how she responded “hahaha, when hell freezes over”. So I kept working her on it, trying to convince her, thinking she will break any second and give me what I want, but the same answer again and again, “NO!”.

so I hopped interweb and tried to find a cheap but also a fast bike the suited me the best. Then i showed her the perfect bike and she said “oh, how nice” then walks away. I was so irritated with that same answer i decided to do something to change it. so I wondered about making my own money, and it struck me like lightning, I’ll just get a job. So the day rolls around when i decided to find what job i wanna do for making my own cash. I finally narrowed it down to yard work and some dog walking if needed.

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My first customer really put me to work, With about a Half acre with neck high weeds and bloodthirsty bugs that seemed to never get full of my blood. When I first saw his backyard mini forest and i said to myself “this guy is joking”. But after the three brutally hot days that lasted hours and it felt like I lost a pint of blood, i finally finished before i gave up on it. As he saw the yard as it should be, he asked me “How much?” and the he pulled out stack of cash and the top bill was a crispy one hundred dollar bill, my eyes instantly turned into money sings. So, we finally decided on one hundred and fifty dollars for those brutal days. On the inside I cheerfully said “Yes! finally have a good start to get my bike”.

and on the outside i was calm and shook his hand as if we just done business. So after shoveling dog poop and pullin weeds for four to five months I was nearing the price of the bike. the bike I finally decided .