Gold Gold Is a very commonly used substance In today’s world, although it has been used by man since ancient times. Gold comes from the ground or from the ocean and must be mined but has caused major commotion since the early 1 sass with people trying to get rich quick. You can find gold In some major regions of the world, but the most common places for gold mining are South Africa and a lot of US productions come from South Dakota and Nevada. The symbol for gold is Au for its Latin name Arum rather than the English G.The atomic number is seventy nine but Gold has isotopes which are stable and radioactive.

A stable isotope is 197 Au and there are 36 radioisotopes with 195 Au. Gold is a dense, shiny, ductile metal the most characteristic feature is that gold is a metallic yellow color which gives it the gold color. Because of the the color of gold it has become useful in the Jewelry industry for thousands of years. Since pure gold is too soft to be applied to Jewelry items alone most craftsmen will actually alloy gold with metals such as copper and silver to Increase durability.Aside from Jewelry, gold has many other uses such as our common technology today It’s In cell phones, calculators, global positioning systems ND most other electronics we use day to day. The use of gold In technology Is a highly efficient conductor that can carry the small currents that are highly reliable needed for devices.

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Other uses are in medical are the 198 Au is a beta emitter with range in tissue of about 11 millimeters with a half life of 2. 7 days, this is used for some cancer treatments and other diseases threatening life. AAU Anna particles are now being investigated as an inject able treatment for prostate cancer. Gold is not toxic, but in small amounts there is a gold toxicity that is very well known for reading arthritis. A result of excessive consumption of gold is skin rash due to medical purposes. It does cause gastrointestinal distress some times as a result of consuming too much gold compounds.

Some allergies of gold are common that cause rash or Itching of the skin.Alchemists use to use metallic gold to prepare a liquid There are few gold compounds that are important such as gold chloride (Call), gold tetrachloride (Caucus and Caloric acid (Hauser) These three compounds are involved in the electrolytic for refining gold. Potassium concentrate is the basic for most gold elating baths which is the solution when gold is plated. Organic compounds of gold have several industrial applications such as gold mercenaries that obtain sulfured terseness, these are dissolved in certain organic solutions used for decorating glass and china wear.

Gold ore is the concentration of gold in rocks. People find particles or flakes when sifting in water, but gold or is technically only ore when extracted from the precious metal content. The gold rush In 1848 started the mass prospecting of gold ore on the west coast. The methods of extracting gold has evolved over time and owe Involves leaching which uses cyanide. Since gold has always been a highly valued and harder to find, It Is used forever as a form of exchange or money source.