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Organizational Culture Whole Foods has been on Fortune magazine’s list of 100 best companies to work for every year since 1998 (Whole Foods, 2014). Whole Foods boasts about the autonomy in their work culture by describing the work atmosphere as having “open books, open doors, and open people. ” It have also set standards as not to have a large difference between the salaries of people working in the store and warehouses and the executives that run the company.Whole Foods also has a list of core values which include (but are not limited to): selling high quality produce, supporting team embers, serving and supporting local and global communities and promoting the health of their stakeholders through healthy eating education. The following Is an evaluation of the cultural characteristics and core values listed above. Whole foods claims of having autonomy in their work culture are true according to Charles Fisherman.

In his article titled “Whole Foods is All Teams”, he describes how Whole Foods has not been making empty claims about having an open environment for employees to work In.Instead, It has spent many years trying to live up to those lams by building a powerful business model around them. In the same article he states that Whole Foods has capped its’ executives salaries at “no more than eight time the average wage. ” This means that their claim of having a smaller difference in the salaries of the executive and those of the store employees, is also true. Whole Foods Also has list of core values which it is said to abide by.

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The first is to sell high quality products. In 2012, Whole Foods starting using new quality standards for meat and poultry that took five years to develop (Vandenberg, 2012).It also has hanged labeling to be more clear as to the Impact the cleaning product has on the environment. All of these new standards shows that Whole Foods is living up to its core value to provide high quality products. Another core value listed by Whole Foods is its support for its teams. According to Firebugs, Whole Foods can attribute its success to its teams because John Mackey has handed over much of the control to his employees. Every person, from the frontline employees to the executives, that works for Whole Foods Is called a team member.

The executives themselves also function as teams.A team of executives, called the E-Team by their employees, have served as a CEO committee for over ten years to run the company as one unit (Agar, 2010). Since the executives themselves function as a team and put much of their trust into the teams that operate the stores, Whole Foods really lives up to Its core value to support its teams. The third core value evaluated in this paper Is Whole Foods’ support for local and global communities.

A Whole Foods store Is set to open In Eugene, Oregon In 2016. Even though the opening is two years away, Whole Foods officials have already darted to scout Eugene for local growers (McDonald, 2014).This shows that Whole Foods is really committed to supporting local growers. The last of the core values evaluated in this paper is Whole Foods’ commitment to healthy eating education.

In 2013, Whole Foods partnered with PBS kids to provide tools to families to support healthy eating. These tools Included education through ten TV channel as well as online Ana In store actively ( promote healthy deduction through one of its newest series called “Peg Plus Cat” ,which is an educational program about math and problem solving skills.