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The plot tells you what happens in a story, but the theme tells you what the story is about: What is the underlying message? What is driving the action? It is also helpful to ask “why”: Why did the author choose this setting or this conflict? Why did the author choose this tone? Why are these characters behaving agree the “The Road Not Taken” (Frost, 1916) has a Journey or pilgrimage theme, for the person in the poem is struggling with his personal Journey in life. Specifically, he is trying to decide which dad in life to take.

You did an excellent Job identifying the major symbol in Frost’s poem, the road itself, and your angle is fresh and unique. Until now, I never considered the fact that one of the roads represents a path or pattern he has been on already for a period of time. Whereas, the other road is change. Many of us wonder how life would be, if we choose to change courses.

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Honestly, in the past, I thought of the roads In terms of difficulty. I was thinking one dad is more challenging than the other and will require more out of the person to get to the destination.For example, I wonder how different my life would be if I decided to pursue a Masters degree in Creative Writing at the New School for Social Research in New York like I originally Intended to do instead of enrolling In a Master’s program that was not geared towards producing society’s next writers. Instead of living the life of a writer and earning my sole living from it, I went down another, less revealed road–the one that ends with me earning a post-doctorate degree, lecturing/ presenting research at scholarly conferences, and writing non-fiction.I am still traveling as you can see, for the road Is long, a marathon to say the least, and requires dedication, and perseverance.

For those reasons, many may choose not to take that road, because It Is a longer, more challenging Journey. Here, I see how the color yellow would symbolize age, too. Over time, we must eventually choose one of the two roads. G this way? Why should we care?