Good Teacher, What Must I Do?

Good Teacher, What Must I Do? When reflecting on this question, it is important to use the fundamental theology. Before using this theology, as students of Jesus, we must first get to know God. As students, we are asked the question how do we learn about Jesus? How do we do this when Jesus isn’t physically sitting across from us? Is it all about belief? Is it just about learning the facts? The main way we learn about Jesus is through the fundamental theology.

This is the study and understanding of how God reveals himself to us in our life. This theology takes many different forms and happens during various stages of life. The fundamental theology has four sections.

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Each section of the diagram allows us to reflect on how we can connect with Jesus. The first section tells us that we learn about Jesus through our human experiences, i.e., Virtues, love, forgiveness, prayer.

The second section tells us we understand Jesus through the magisterium, i.e., Teachings of the Catholic Church. The third section tells us that we understand Jesus through scripture and traditions, i.

e., gospels, Christmas sacraments and the very last section is God. In each section of the fundamental theology, it’s important for your circles to be balanced. This is important because to understand God you successfully have to have an equal amount of each. Each section is equally important to understand God in each way and to help us reflect and live out our presence of God in each understanding.

No circle is larger than the other so that we can reflect on how to connect with Jesus in each of these four ways equally. The events of the rich man parable challenge me to be a follower of Jesus. From the parable of the rich man, I learned that our world is so materialistic.

That we don’t need things to make us happy when we can make each other happy. In fact, our world is so materialistic that the rich man was humiliated when he had to sell his stuff and give it all a…