Goodbye to that all

This essay is about that transition an individual goes through in life as they grow older and mature. 2. The narrator at 21 was a young woman that was open to new experiences, those experiences being on her own for the first time in a new environment.

At 21 she was like a young girl at a carnival, every “Attraction” was amusing to her and she wanted to participate in every one of those “Attractions”. But now at 28, she has grown older and tired of these “Attractions” that used to appeal to her when she was younger.Towards the end before marrying her husband, she becomes depressed because of the repetitiveness that she experiences every day in NY. Once she does get married and moves, it’s as if a burden is lifted from her chest as she settles down in California where she was once from. 3.

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Her change of heart comes from a variety of factors. One of them being the obvious fact that she’s been there too long without any sort of change in her life. In the essay she writes “Everything that was said to me I seemed to have heard before, and I could no longer sites.I could no longer sit in little bars near Grand Central and listen to someone complaining of his wife’s inability to cope with the help while he missed another train this is a key point in the essay, she goes into detail about how Just to Connecticut… ” Starts to loathe the simplest moments in NYC.

She also writes “l cried until I was not even aware when I was crying and when I was not, I cried in elevators and in taxis and in Chinese laundries, and when I went to the doctor, he said only that I seemed o be depressed, and that I should see a “specialist. He wrote down a psychiatrist’s name and address for me, but I did not go. ” The last sentence seems to mean something stronger than Just not wanting to go to a specialist. She doesn’t want to lose her “love” which is NYC, she already knows that it’s because she’s tired of it all but doesn’t want to let go. These are examples that contributed to Dingo’s change of heart towards NYC, all she needed was to fall in love and get married to get that push she needed.