Governance Crisis and Prospects and Institution Building

?IntroductionPakistan is not a failed state but a badly governed one. Good governance is the inevitable element of a state the absence of which deteriorates the public welfare. With measured reforms and institutionalization, governance can be made better in the country. Brief historical context2. Attributes of Good Governance- General Public Welfare and State’s Health- Health, Education, Standard of Living- Provision of fundamental rights/ Basic Necessities 3. Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan- Sectors badly governed in Pakistan- Institutions badly governed in Pakistan4. Causes of Good-Governance Crisis- Personalization rather than institutionalization- Corruption and nepotism- Ineffective short-term policies- Wrongly set priorities- Weak accountability- Weak state governing institutions- Political instability5.

Reforms and Institution Building- Strengthening the state institutionsNAB(national accountability bureau)FPSC(federal public service commission)FEC(federal election commission)- Making the state institutions independent of undue influence- Effective implementation of laws- Empowering accountability and law-enforcing agencies- Ensuring political stability and nurturing the healthy growth of democratic system Uniform recruitment policies at all levels6. Contemporary Governance in Pakistan7. ConclusionPakistan is a state rich in resources and talent but badly governed. A brief history of country since 1947 reveals how different modes of governance have been brought into experiment under various civil and military regimes in Pakistan. Privatization policy introduced by one and nationalization by the other shows that policies have continuously been reshaped to suit the whims and caprices of the man at the top. According to World Bank governance is the manner in which public officials and institutions get authority and exercise it for the formulation of public policy and provision of public goo.

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