Grading System

let Is near of I school Including city hall, Resident area and compound. As a computer science undergraduate, we had experience some problems and trouble about connecting to your favorite website or even social media. So ,we decided to make not only a computer shop but a fast access computer shop.

” Future’s not an option” , of what an aircraft motto says, giving a lot of time and also financial support is the best thing to consider about having a business of compute hop.Having a computer shop have plenty of advantage one of It was having a income, we know that giving a lot of capital on a computer shop was a quiet disturbing. Trying to complete with other computer shop also give disadvantages on us.

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For the thing that they have “Suck'” or, favorite costumer on the first place. A fast-reliable Internet connection Is one of the our costumer wants -An easy access that no troubles and refreshing thing to do. The way our comfort and treating our costumers is the big tribute to give to have many or plenty costumers good come.The ambiance is important also to provide the costumer satisfaction In terms of good air. Computer shop not only having a business but also have a good name on how you run your business right and peaceful.

To know the basic materials or equipment to built an Internet shop Like the devices use, the renovation and etc. 0 To plan or make a necessary budgets proposal for starting Internet shop. C] To understand pros and cones(Advantages and Disadvantages ) To starting to built the Internet shop.

0 To Identify the challenges In starting Internet shop. CLC To be successful In built and start an Internet shop. Sagas as