Grand Canyon University/ Cost Justification

Purchasing new MRI scanners would be a good investment for the hospital. If one takes into consideration, operating costs along with repairing and purchase of the product alone. Many hospitals may consider wanting to purchase refurbished items but that would not be a good idea considering the costs to maintain and longevity of the product itself. Purchasing a brand new MRI scanner is just like the purchase of a brand new, high end car.

Although it may be very expensive to purchase, there will not be so much high maintenance done in the beginning. Once the product gets very old within about ten years, then the high maintenance repairs will need to be done. All equipment requires general maintenance to insure long life but the purchase of used medical technology will pull more money out of the hospitals pockets in the long run and much sooner.

Cost of MRI equipment can range from one to three million dollars depending on how advanced it is. The construction of the product alone, can cost half a million, which adds to the total amount of the product. For example to purchase an MRI scanner for the examining of extremities, is about three hundred thousand for a brand new piece of equipment and the price nearly cuts in half if one needs to purchase the same product but used. Once an MRI product is purchased, the maintenance of such products also adds to the expenses

The average MRI technician usually makes about thirty dollars per hour or about $62,000 per year on a fixed salary. When it comes to doing repairs on any piece of technology, the repairs can get pretty expensive if the a technician is paid by the hour. Ordering brand new equipment can save money in the long run because it cuts down on so many repairs. The hospital can save a little more money by simply paying technicians hourly and not on a fixed income because it could possibly be more money spent. For example if a technician is working for the hospital and is generally used for maybe three hours out of the day, then that cuts to be about $1,260 if paid bi weekly versus about $2,583 if paid on a full time salary. They would receive a salary even if they did not work a full 40 hours per week, which means more money spent by the hospital. This will also help because hospitals usually want people with much experience in this field.

Technicians who have a very large amount of experience in radiological technology,usually generate a higher income. If the the hospitals use experienced technicians to examine and maintain the equipment, this insures there is a less likely chance for a mistake to happen during repair. So, paying very well experienced technicians by the hour and giving only the hours when they are needed, can help cut down the cost of maintaining the product and insuring proper and accurate maintenance.

The purchase of a used or refurbished MRI scanner could mean adverse affect for the financial estate of a medical establishment. Ordering and maintaining a brand new product means less repairs. The coils of an MRI has to be repaired over a period of time and this is the major aspect of an MRI scanner. When most hospitals purchase an MRI scanner, they go by the strength of the magnetic coils. When an MRI machine is purchased used, it could possibly mean more maintenance required sooner in the future to maintain the magnetic coils. the magnetic coils are what helps in creating the magnetic field inside of an MRI scanner.

When a scanner is used over time the magnetic force may need to be restored to it’s highest point which requires a a technician to chill the coils. This process can take a little time. If a hospital purchases a used MRI scanner, it is very much possible that the coils will need to be cooled a lot sooner which can be a very pricey process for a hospital. When purchasing an old scanner, hospitals may not know the type of treatment it received in the past. The scanner in an MRI machine will need more and more repairs as it get older, so it would be a better idea to get a brand new scanner, to lessen those chances.

Purchasing new MRI scanners for the hospital is a good idea for the hospital because although expensive for the first time purchase, the maintenance issues will be less. Any product reused or refurbished automatically requires more maintenance. The only time a refurbished item is very good in comparison to the average life span of a new one is if all of the mechanics have been completely replaced with brand new pieces and the body of the machine is the only thing refurbished but that would be very unlikely. Maintenance costs is what will be cut over time and in the end the hospital will be happy that they purchased new medical machinery. It ensures that the machine will do the job correctly the first time around and doctors have more accurate results for patients.