Grant Proposal Paper

The Board of Directors at AARDVARK are confident that this program will deliver positive information describing the services given by the organization to the public to ensure assistance is available for all victims and to attract volunteer who can provide effective assistance or contributions. The need is great and growing at an alarming rate. The approval of this request can constitute the potential prevention of domestic abuse, rape, and violence in the community.

Christine Enemies, Executive Director, will contact you in two weeks for any questions regarding the Stop the Violence Project proposal.Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Title Page Organization Name: An Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection Proposal Writers: Candid Black & Annette Blackball Tax Exempt Status: Nonprofit check Organization Year Organization Founded: 1996 Date of Application: January 28, 2011 Address: 606 Caliber Crest Parkway, Suite 103, Alternate Springs, FL 32714 Telephone Number: (850) 597-4123 Fax Number: (850) 588-9945 Director: Catherine EnemiesContact Name & Title: Leticia Ward, Executive Secretary Project Title: Stop the Violence Project Total project Budget: $35,000.

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00 Total Organizational Budget: $75,625. 00 Starting Date of Fiscal Year: July 1 Summary Organizational Mission The mission of AARDVARK is to provide assistance in the efforts to aid and support persons seeking removal from abusive situations to build stronger, healthier, and productive lifestyle through the mechanisms of informative documents, reference materials, and a comprehensive nationwide directory of services for individuals and families in need.Project or Grant Request Stop the Violence Project will provide teaching and knowledge to the public regarding abuse, rape, and domestic through implementation of educational and training programs, improvement of organizational Internet website, and connections with other agencies, advocates, programs, and service providers conducive to introducing positive change from acquiring necessary and additional supportive aids for all victims. The organization has put together provisional resources for those in need. Continual support and provided funding will enable the organization to give more assistance to individuals and the community.The proposed budget is $75,625. The project proposal is for $35,000. The remaining funds for the new program and organization will come from grants and funding from other foundations and events planned.

Organizational Statement AARDVARK is an organization formed to assist victims of abuse from relationship and family violence. Set up by former victims, the organization was formed in 1996 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2001. The acronym, AARDVARK, is broken to state an abuse, rape, and domestic violence aid and resource collection.This organization is based on a website which is primarily run by volunteers, including a board of director’s staff, which is comprised of five members.

The President, Cindy Black, handles contracting services in grant writing and program development for social service agencies and non-profit organizations. The Vice President, Annette Blackball, a longtime advocate for others, now advocates for victims of abuse through this service. The Secretary, Leticia Ward, serves as a civilian Security Specialist, specializing in security procedures, target hardening, safety planning, and behavioral and environmental crime prevention.The Treasurer is Mary Rose Cassava’s, and the Executive Director is Catherine Enemies, who serves as a member of one of Florist’s 11 active Domestic Violence Fatality Review Boards. As an organization that is based through the web, major accomplishments would include achieving excellent resources through other agencies that are Just as concerned and involved in domestic abuse.

This would include the U. S. Department of Justice, National Sheriffs Association, American Criminal Justice Association, and area task forces. Previous awards include Today’s Woman TWO Awards for Excellence, ND Copse.

Mom Website Award, which is an organization that connects individuals organization is to provide extensive services, which can aid helping victims to transition from abusive situations. Establishing excellent resources, a collection of information and educational materials, and an online bookstore offers materials to help understand abuse, why it happens, how to handle it, and more. Constituents are able to benefit from this organization because it can be deemed as an advisory location for a directory of services which are needed to change lives for the better.The lists of services include local, state, and national public and private agencies. The use of these resources enables victims to know that it is possible to survive abuse and live healthier happier lives.

These tools help the organization become cost effective, provide necessary training, and increase the effectiveness of the organization because of the development of new ideas and services which could benefit clients and the organization. Community Assessment (Needs Statement) Unfortunately, we have high rates of domestic violence, rape, and abuse in our society.The lack of knowledge and understanding of the issue is what allows abuse to happen and is a main contributing factor to society accepting it. These factors reveal the development of negative psychological issues such as low self-esteem. Research shows that approximately 65,321 victims seek refuge in shelters or transitional housing and approximately 9,280 of these requests are unmet due to a shortage of funds, staff, and more issues on a daily basis. With no other support or viable alternatives for assistance, the victims end up staying or returning to their abusive situations and accept it as a way of life.In this instance, the company comes in as an agency focused on assisting victim by offering aids resources and a support base to help them trough these types of situations.

The benefit of AARDVARK to individuals and the community is creating awareness and aiding victims in their fight to remove themselves from situations which can or has caused harm. Within this process, AARDVARK will work with other agencies and program providers, including volunteers, to provide general education, reference materials, and resources to help cut costs and increase effectiveness.AARDVARK supports its staff by making training available and network with peers for maximum problem solving impact. As an organization created by former abuse victims, AARDVARK is committed to assisting others leave their abusive situations and build healthier stronger lives. The relationship between the need and the organization’s mission and goals provides the adults and children who have been abused or raped with the necessary tools they need to positively transition from a bad situation. The economy has slid into a downward spiral and has put more strain on the people of the community.The strain and stress expressed has given domestic violence room to escalate.

The need gets trotter as more and more people are involuntary shifted from a normal and successful way of life. This incident can lead to stress that causes the abuse to happen. All victims are in need of an organization to help them choose the path to a better way of life. AARDVARK is an organization that houses many other agencies that provide the necessary tools these persons and families need. It is an organization staffed by those that have been in an abusive situation and have an idea of what types of things people observing the website need.The organization’s goal is to educate those needing this information to learn from their own experiences agencies, resources, programs, service providers, and educational information for those seeking aid from domestic violence, rape, and abuse. The information provided has many choices and meets the needs from one site helping victims and families to find all the information beneficial to them. The organization’s staff and volunteers are made up of those that have been in the same situation as those seeking aid.

The staff and volunteers have firsthand knowledge from both sides.Program Design and Timeline To accomplish the goals set forth, AARDVARK is implementing the following design teeth along with a timeline of proposed methods. AARDVARK chose this method because of previous success of other similar organizations in the area. Objective Increase awareness of rape, domestic violence, and abuse of women and children by increasing exposure of the issues with the help of project Stop the Violence. Methods The founder of AARDVARK will work alongside and assign staff members the responsibility to provide support for additional staffing for the first three months of start up.Staff will develop three and six month objectives for the proposed program with specific tasks and goals for the sixth month. Staff and founder will identify the women and children who have been abused and identify the various agencies and resources available to them for any treatment plan within the first three months.

The founder will assign staff members to reach out to the various agencies that can provide immediate assistance to those with immediate needs within three months and continue. The founder and staff will develop individual and group service plans to meet specific needs within the first six months and to continue.The founder will evaluate the progress at three, six, and twelve months. Stop the Violence Project Goals ; Objectives Stop the Violence Project will provide teaching and knowledge to the public regarding abuse, rape, and domestic through implementation of educational and training programs, improvement of organizational Internet website, and connections with other agencies, advocates, programs, and service providers conducive to introducing positive change from acquiring necessary and additional supportive aids for all victims.To complete the projected task, AARDVARK Organization has established the following goals as focal points toward the reality of the proposed operation: Advertisements Community Resource Connections Improved Website Educational ; Training Programs Society remained informed through the use of advertisement. The intended method is to make contact through television commercials on local area channels, radio advertisements on local AM and FM stations, magazine advertisements to women’s and children’s magazine, and ads in local area newspapers.Directing focus to reach the community through television, radio airwaves, magazines, and newspaper ads can provide an informative awareness to society. Community The key source of aid to victims is the potential to provide efficient resources of arrive to all clients.

Through the affiliation of Family Sunshine Center, Domestic Violence Intervention Center, Alabama Coalition against Domestic Rape, Child Protect, Penelope House, YMCA Domestic Violence Services, and Child Care Resource Center, profitable resources and services can be utilized in the assistance of help to all victims.Organizational Website Improvements The community main source of information is found on the World Wide Web. In this modern technological age, more people use the method of the Internet to locate and identify needed information. Through the implementation of an upgraded inline system, persons are able to discover, retrieve, and receive information by the provision of a nationwide directory of agency and advocate names, addresses, telephone numbers, and contact names, which gives assistance and comfort to all individuals in one’s time of need.

Educational and Training Programs The common cliche© is stated that knowledge is power. Knowledge has the potential to create positive change and results in the hearts, minds, and actions of people. Through the establishment of educational programs in contractual workplace Education Assistance Programs and free training programs given by the organization twice monthly, the awareness of violence provides knowledge, sense of self-respect, and power for all persons to live and maintain a productive and successful lifestyle.Program Evaluation AARDVARK developed a management skills and social service management competencies evaluation scale to clearly define program goals. An organizational policy analysis clearly states programs and methods to help survivors of sexual assault. In addition, social and human services fall within the guidelines of policy in assisting survivors. Program management requires incorporation of strategic leaning and methods for service evaluations.

AARDVARK creates questionnaire format for client input and evaluation.Previous and current clients provided information to increase client satisfaction. AARDVARK established a web site as a method of furthering the organizational mission of providing resources and services to domestic violence and sexual assault trauma victims. The website is one of the main programs to assist and help clients heal with a trusted advocate. The program coordinator is responsible for website content, maintenance, and electronic client progress tracking established on the website. The executive director is responsible for all staff and volunteer coordination.Meetings are held for the entire staff to monitor programs and evaluate budget expenditures. The director will exhibit leadership and delegate responsibilities.

All staff members will be personally evaluated semi-annually to determine areas of program assessments that may need to be reevaluated. The chart for agency and staff evaluations are similar in assessment of program and service needs.