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Difference between Lean and Mass Production cot 23rd, 2011 @ 04:18 pm , sinful Tina Leave a comment Mass production refers to a manufacturing process in which products are manufactured on a mass scale. For example, ball-point pens are items that are used by everyone and so these are mass-produced. Lean production refers to a manufacturing process in which items are produced based on current demand trends. For example, if a particular gold necklace design is in demand, then Jeweler’s will typically gauge this demand and produce a Limited number of the In-demand classes.

Here is how lean and mass production differ: A mass production process focuses on manufacturing in large-sized lots. The idea is to manufacture the maximum number of products In one lot. For example, commonly-used consumer Items such as packaged food, shoes, and many other Items that enjoy mass appeal are mass-produced. Lean production process focuses on producing as per the latest market demand. For example, a high-end car that is priced at several millions may be produced on an order basis. The mass production process requires the company to stock the manufactured products in a arouse.

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These products are dispatched to market intermediaries (distributors). These distributors then supply these products to retailers. A lean productiveness’s generally supplies direct to the customer. Stocking of products Is not required – however, a market intermediary may be required (for example, a car dealer in the case of a custom-built car). Planning for mass production is based on a variety of complex factors like market price, competition, inventory levels, time taken for distribution, extra production that is required because an advertisement is released, etc.Such planning is complex and requires enterprise-level tools. Lean production is easy to plan because It Is based on market demand.

Figures and statistics are known and the production schedules are easy to plan. The manufacturing cycle and the sales cycle are separate issues in the mass production process. In lean production process, these two are closely intertwined because the products are manufactured based on the latest demand numbers. Mass production is a “push” type of process – push the products to the market.

Lean production is a pull” process – let the customer pull the product based on its demand. Logically follows the mass volume of waste is generated in a mass production facility; a lean production facility produces minimal waste. Mass production facilities are equipped with heavy machinery.

These facilities typically work in 3 shifts. Lean production facilities may not be equipped with bulky machinery. The machinery used in lean production is compact and movable, and can be easily set up. Categories: Engineering Tags