Words, unbeknownst to most people, usually have more than one meaning. Us as a people need to strive to look deeper into the words we use. I have one word in particular that I would like to share. Great, a word commonly used throughout America.

No one would ever think that a word as simple as this could have multiple different meanings depending on the setting it is being used in and who it is being said by.No one would guess that the way your mom uses great might differ from the way a teen might use the word great. The way a doctor uses great could completely different from the way a football coach uses the word great. These are some of the numerous examples that can and will be explained within this essay. Before explaining the many different uses of the word “great,” a base definition or use needs to be set. The Oxford English Dictionary definition of great is to be composed of large particles.For most people the more universal way to use great is as a synonym for or adjective better than good. “She Is great with child! ” That my friend, Is old fashioned.

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Who would’ve believed that that was how people described a woman who was close to the end of their pregnancy. In this setting the word is used as an adjective and defined as being in an advanced stage of pregnancy. The more modern use of the word which is found in the Urban Dictionary is defined as a sarcastic way to say “not good.

For example: if a person is having a tough day and then they break their phone, they might blurt out “OH GREAT. ” Or If someone is going on and on about their accomplishments and bragging a person would probably reply with “That’s retreat BRB_” Because sarcasm Is such a prominent Item in today’s vernacular and great has become a perfect word for people to exercise this new found sarcasm. The free online dictionary also defines great as extensive in time or distance.The form of the word is usually used in describing far travels or large lapses in time. This definition is common and pretty self-explanatory, although most people Just say “that’s a long time” rather than “it takes a great amount of time” One of my personal favorites of all the uses was Introduced to me by Adam Fortune, the Tuscarawas football defensive ordinates and old friend/mentor. He would always tell our team and I before he passed away; to be good not great. Fortune’s definition of great filled a lot of different categories.

The first one, which is simply found on Google states that the word great describes something or someone of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average. For instance; when Coach Fortune would tell us to be great on the football field instead of good, he meant that we should exceed what everyone else considered good. He meant that anybody can be good, but being great was something that is on another level. When Fortune would tell our team to be great, he was also referring to the definition that I found in the free online dictionary: superior in quality or character.One way to explain this definition is coach fortune’s belief in sportsmanship and having a friendly manor.

Fortune preached that to be great was not Just done on the football field, but in each aspect of life. Whether It was on the between. To be great in these things meant to show high character and quality in each aspect. For example; on the football field he would tell us to quote on quote “knock the other guys on their asses and then help them and do it again the next play. He preached to say please and thank you to all the team moms that cooked us prename meals, to all our teachers for taking time to help us. But most of all, Coach Fortune showed us this particular definition of great by trying to be the best he could be for everyone he came into contact with.

Words can have a numerous amount of meanings whether it is from now or a completely different generation. Words are a ay to express ourselves as people, and as one people we need to look deeper into the origin of the words we use.