Green Spaces

Luckily, room time to time I was able to work for an hour before I headed home. Though It wasn’t much time spent on the garden, It was better than not working at all. After my mother finished school, I was able to buckle down and work more hours on the garden. I felt like I was finally doing something and making an impact on our project. When we started our project I had very little knowledge in gardening, which made me feel quite reserved and kind of useless in the beginning. I started out Just picking weeds and moving plants from one side to the other.

Progressively I learned how to trim the plants, how to remove roots more efficiently, dig better holes to put plants in, not to care about bugs as much and learned names of plants and flowers that I’ve never heard of before. This Is all thanks to Marie. She assisted in extending my knowledge and helping gulled me to Improve my plant caring skills. At the start, I felt that taking care of the garden would be tedious, time consuming, and unrewarding. I was correct about the tediousness and the fact that it would be mime consuming, but it definitely wasn’t unrewarding.As I worked, I saw the results of my work.

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I saw the beautiful flowers bloom, the leaves of the bushes turn vibrant green, and the once dying plants bounce back to full health. Working on this garden has made me feel extremely happy because I feel like I’ve accomplished something, and this is a feeling that I haven’t had in a long time. I have learned to relax and enjoy the serene feeling gardening induces, De-stressing me in the process. Gardening is similar to taking care of children.

You have to nurture them, make sure nothing hurts them, make sure they are healthy but also to remember to step back and let them grow. You get a sense of responsibility when you take on the Job and enjoy ever moment as they grow and blossom. I plan on creating and caring for more gardens In the future, and can’t Walt to see what I’m capable of producing. But at the moment I feel great about what I have left this school with, and I plan to care caring for the garden. Who knows how big it could get and how much it could improve the school.