Greening Disease: Death of Citrus

IntroductionThe Citrus industry is a major part of Florida’s economy. Though it is slowly being passes by south American counties that can import the Fruit for a lot less. Florida has been recently hurt by new diseases that have been introduced to the citrus industry. One being canker which has been recently deemed incurable and all effort to eradicate has been abandoned.The new disease that has been called “the end of the citrus industry” by many has many citrus growers looking elsewhere for income. Greening Disease is a very new disease thought to of come from Asia is taking the citrus industry by storm and has scientist scratching there head looking for a cure.

An asian psyllid is the insect responsible for this epidemic.EffectsUnlike canker which would slowly kill the tree but would not hurt the production of the tree, Greening Disease will kill the tree but it will also hurt the production of the tree. The fruit will be really small and have hardly any meat in it, it is mostly rhine.

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The leaves will turn a yellowish color and then eventually the tree will completely die. This not only effects the growers profit but it also costs him money. The infected tree then has to be replaced.

Not only do you have to pull up the infected tree but also any tree within a thousand feet of the infected tree.. basically one tree causes almost half a grove to get pulled up. Now days most citrus growers have had aleast one grove they have had to replant due to Greening Disease.

There has been many studies done on this horrific disease. It is still a mystery to everyone.Nobody really knows how it got here or what started it. Most researchers believe it is a result of importing fruit from other countries. As of now there is no known cure for the disease. All they know to do is pull it up and burn the trees.