Growing Up – My Life Progression

?Ronnie TerryGrowing up, school education wasn’t my top priority. I mainly went to school because I had to. Once I started Middle School and had my first experience with choir, school began to become fun for me. I started to look forward to going everyday just to sing. I knew exactly what classes I’d take once I started High School and what I want to be when I graduated. All the way until my Junior year my life and classes revolved around music.

I was taking everything music related I could. That all changed my Junior year though.That year, for some odd reason, I think just to get out of class, I decided, I was going to take the Military ASVAB test. I had never had any intentions of joining the Military. As a matter of fact, I had plenty of people tell me not to. The test was simple enough, as I recall.

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Upon finishing it I never thought about it again until my cousin, who was in the army at the time came to me about a month later, and told me I had scored high enough on the test. He proceeded to tell me that I had scored high enough that I could choose almost any job that I wanted in the army, this piqued my interest. So he set up a meeting with me and a recruiter not long after. Long story short I gave up a full ride to play soccer and pursue my dream of becoming a music teacher at Syracuse University for the military.After 2 ? years of military life I got out and decided I’d give school another chance. I enrolled into ECPI Technical College to get a degree in Computer Technology. Well let’s just say 1 semester later I dropped out. I knew it was a big mistake.

I went on to open my own business, installing radios and car alarms for about 3 years. After a while, I the stress got to be too much so I closed shop and went from job to job where I ended up working at Wal Mart and met my wife, whom I’ve known from childhood. After dating for 1 year she convinced me to go back into the military. Reluctantly I agree and w…