Guidelines to write an Internship Report

Pertinent comment about the research helps the reader to understand and appreciate the work. Letter of Authorization : The company Authorization letter to proceed Internship should be inserted here. Acknowledgements : 1 page mentioning contributions of others while preparing this report. Executive Summary Maximum 2 pages. Highlight key parts of the report and your findings and solutions provided in the report. Following the direct order plan, the conclusions of the main report part comes first, Highlights of the introduction follow.The remaining paragraphs summarize the report. Included are major facts and analysis of the study.

Summary of the conclusions and analysis logically leads to the overall conclusion of this part. Table of Contents Separate for texts, tables and graphs/charts. Logical second-level captions/ headings may be used where appropriate. Page numbers 1 2. Must come from the main report part.

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The Report (main report part) Minimum 50 pages. Company/background information must not exceed 20% of the report. Font: 12, 1. 5 spacing, Page margin 1′ top, bottom and Right.Left margin 1. 3″. Use referencing where required.

All headings and sub-headings must logically be leveled. This part also be provided with header and footer in all the pages. Header contains title of the Report and footer contains at least page numbers. Report (at least) contains the following parts: 1. 0 Introduction (Background about the company and the report) 1.

1 Objectives of the study/research 1. 2 Methodology (type Of research, sample design, survey methods, data analysis and interpretation, sequence tasks of arranging the report etc. 1. 3 Rationale of the Study 1. 4 Scope and Limitation 2. 0 Company Information 3.

0 Industry Information (where and when appropriate) 4. 0 Analysis (Graphical presentation with respective captions must be provided where needed. Instead of tables, try to provide neatly presented and leveled graphs) 5. 0 Conclusion & Recommendations (not more than 3 ages. Your recommendations must highlight your findings from the primary research/analysis) References/Bibliography use proper referencing of books, magazines, articles, websites, etc.