Some sociologists argue working class children underachieve because they are deprived economically and their parents aren’t able to spend money on them for school. Because their parents have less paying Jobs they wont have money to spend on school equipment Like textbooks, stationery, a uniform etc. A study done by a sociologist showed that the cost of Items such as transport, uniforms, books, computers, calculators, and sports, music and art equipment places a heavy burden on poor families.However this should not be a problem as they would be provided tit a bursary, the school library provides textbooks and the school and teacher provide with the equipment the student cannot get.

And therefore the lack of money should not be a problem or reason for why the working class underachieve. Another reason they think they underachieve is because they have a bad culture and therefore go to school at a disadvantage. The middle class children who do have good culture are therefore at an advantage as they have acquired skills such as the ability to grasp, analyses and express abstract ideas.Going to theatres and watching lays like Shakespeare would mean that In school during English you would be at a greater advantage, because the working class can’t afford going to theatres they’re children are at a disadvantage when they go to school. However the school often tends to show the students the movie of whatever they are reading so that they can have a better understanding and if they don’t the teachers always tell you that you can watch it in your free time. Therefore the lack of culture capital should not be an issue regarding the working class underachieving in school.A third reason for why it is believed the working class underachieve is because of housing, living in an overcrowded house may interrupt the pupil’s ability to study. If they have to share their room then it can mean that the other persons could be disrupting their work by making too much noise and therefore the pupil won’t be able to work and study effectively.

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Families that are living in temporary accommodation may find themselves moving often as a result disrupting the child’s education.However if the pupil can’t duty at home the school library Is always open after school and has also been made available on Saturdays, you could also do some of your work during your free periods. This means that housing should not be a factor as to why the working class underachieve because the school library or the public library are available for them to go work in. A fourth reason as to why the working class are believed to underachieve is because of poor diet and health.They don’t have breakfast and this means that they won’t be able to concentrate in class so it’s like they’re not even here, not having breakfast makes them more prone to migraines and fainting and this would all get in the way of their learning. A sociologist noted that young people from poor homes have lower intakes of energy and this affects their health by weakening their Immune system and lowering their energy levels. However schools provide breakfast at their breakfast club everyday so poor health and diet should not be a reason as to why the working class underachieve In school.

The fifth reason for why the working class are believed to fall Is language. Almost all working class people use restricted speech it has a limited vocabulary and is base on the use of short disadvantage because the schools use elaborate code which has a wider vocabulary, so the working class a lot of the times don’t understand elaborate speech. Elaborate speech is also used in textbooks and exams which means that when it comes to revising from the textbook they won’t understand it and won’t be able to answer the questions in the exams.However the school makes sure to prepare you before exams y showing you exam questions and breaking them down and teaching you the key words and how to know what the question is asking. Therefore language should not be problem or reason why the working class underachieve. The sixth and final reason why some sociologists think that the working class underachieve is the parent’s attitudes.

The working class parents don’t have time to engage with their kids about their studies as they are too tired when they come back home from work and so the child won’t get that extra support from home.A lot of the working class parents also don’t understand the schools values and how the system works and a lot of them don’t attend parents evening. However the schools have reports which they do three times a year with a full evaluation of how the student is doing and this is given to the pupil to go over with the parent at home, this makes it easier as the parents can go over it whenever they have time and this way have an idea if they’re child is struggling. Therefore the parent’s attitudes should not affect why the working class underachieve.