Hall of Fame

Some people are defeated by difficulties, while others find ways to overcome them.

To me, the song “Hall of Fame” by The Script, tells the story of a woman who never gives up until she achieves her dream. I believe that her name is Penelope which means dream weaver and I’m going to tell you how I view her story. Penelope Is a beautiful young woman who loves classical ballet.

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She is eighteen years old and she dances since she was seven.She Is a very good student because she now’s that If she gets good grades, It will be easier to achieve her goal: to be a prestigious ballet dancer. But that dream wasn’t easy. Ballet requires telephone, perseverance and many years of technical preparation. Every morning, she woke up early to go to the dance school to practice. She spent a lot of hours there perfecting her technique and memorizing choreography. When she put on her pink ballet slippers, nothing else exists for her, just the dance.

Most of us may think that these kind of things are normal If we want to achieve a goal.It may seem Like nothing special, Like regular steps. But, If I tell you that Penelope Is deaf, you will probably changed that point of view and you will appreciate her effort In a different way. Besides working hard to improve her technique as any other dancer, Penelope had to deal with all kinds of injustice and overcome self-esteem crisis.

Her partners looked at her like a weird bug. They discriminated against her and even they laughed at her because of her hearing aid. They took for granted that she will never get her dream because of her deficiency. She was insignificant to them.On the other hand, she knew that she was different but she never suffered too much for It.

She always had her parent’s support, who taught her to never give up. Also she always tried to have a smile In her face. Instead of running away from her fears she confronted them. Her eyes were her ears. One day in class the teacher communicated to their students that a prestigious dance company required a ballerina to play the role of Dotted in the play ‘Swan Lake’. Also, she said that there would be an audition in four weeks to choose the best dancer.

While Penelope was listening, she couldn’t hide her Joy.That was the opportunity she was waiting for. It was her dream, her greatest desire. Since that day she began to prepare for the audition’s day. The day of the audition, the theater was crowded with aspirants. The first dancer on the stage was one of her classmates.

She danced with elegance but her look was arrogant ,like she already saw the victory in her hands. Then the others dancers were assessed, while she was waiting for her turn. When they told her name, she walked onto the stage, settled her hands, bowed her dead and closed her eyes expecting to feel the vibrations of the first notes of music by Tchaikovsky.Little by little she was feeling how the music invaded her body.

Her hands seemed like they were taken from a poem. When the music ended, the silence was broken by applause from the audience and the director said: “The role is yours! ” The song has inspired me to write this story but I think we all can achieve our goal because the force is in our heart and in our soul. These are what we need to be different and make the difference! The limitations of human are in our mind. 2