In your exam you will be required to create a text according to a specific purpose and audience. You will have to complete a longer writing task and a shorter writing task. You should spend about 25 minutes on question 5 and it is worth 16 marks. You should spend 35 minutes on question 6 and it is worth 24 Marks. We advise you to complete question 6 before question 5 as it is worth the most marks. When you read the question you should Identify the PALL. PALL stands for purpose, audience, format and language. This will help you understand exactly what you are being asked to do.

Purpose – What is this text for? To argue, persuade or advise? Does it entertain? Audience – Who is the intended audience? What tells you this from the language and presentational devices? Format – What ‘shape’ Is the text? Is It an article or weapon? Is It an advert, leaflet, poster or something else? How do you know? What tells you this? Language – What is the tone? Fast or slow? Is it angry, calm, uplifting, Joyous or something else? What language techniques are used to appeal to the audience? Look at the following example for how to use PALL on the question 5.Your school or college is Inviting entries for a writing competition. The topic Is “Dangerous sports coastlands pastimes are selfish, often put others at risk and should be discouraged. ” Write your entry arguing furor against this view.

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(24 marks) 6. ‘Life Is too easy forgoing people today. They lack challenges and don’t have to fight for anything.

‘ Write an article for a magazine of your choice which persuades your eaters that this statement is either right or wrong. 7. Write an article Forman environmental website which argues furor against Investing In greener forms energy. 8.

Sports stars are good role models forgoing for a magazine of your choice arguing furor Structure: people Write an article They understand use of tense, chronological v non-chronological structure and appropriate paragraph length They employ flutterer than clunky use of connectives Sentences: They use a Rangoon sentence functions (statements, questions, nomads) They vary sentence length including, judiciously, minor 1 OFF link ideas; colons to hint; parenthetical commas forbearance Words: They have lexical variety: some words are formal, some colloquial (egg weighing up the effect phrasal verbs rather Latinate equivalents: thought about’ v ‘considered’) They rejected first word they think of and choose instead vocabulary which is sensuous and metaphorical: their words, in other words, create pictures in our minds Style: They write with fluency and elegance They often surprise us