Have But from Teen activists are trying to

Have you ever felt alone or afraid? Yes no well i’ll tell you this there is a good side to this problem. But  from Teen activists are trying to help.

Still abandoned pets are a serious problem. That they are not being taken care of properly on the street alone on the street as well. Being abused and getting water bottles thrown at them too on the streets when their abandoned scared and alone as well and one time I saw like three teenagers throwing water bottles at a group of abandoned kittens and they were crying and really scared and last but not least they where moewing. In cat languge it means calling for help to other cats.

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Many teen activists trying to help and  faye owens a shelter that takes care of abandoned pets and has a lot of food and water to pass around also she is still looking for abandoned pets. Like faye, citizens take abandoned pets and buy them and also get them fixed and so they could have a great home and food and last but not least water and by them doing that they give a pet a chance to have a better life and it’s kinda like being adopted just with pets not humans though. Abandoned pets are a very very bad problem, but citizens are trying to help with the abandend pets problem too so everyone is trying to help in any way they can why dont you as well. Also peaple help by donating to the abandend pets componies around the world. And they even help with ones on the streets as well so, everyone is donating and they are also doing everything that they can to help right now with the abandend pets problem in the world all together the poeple that are kind will donet to the abandend pets componies around the wordand the globe as well as not donating to give a dog or cat food or water everyday for thier life right now.

Also the teen activists help by taking in avery pet they come across in the streets sidewalks and alot of more places as well such as caves under houses in allys in backyardes.They will also take in any pet they find no matter how big or edven small as well so those people are the poeple who want animials and pets such as cats or dogs thats why they care about them becuase people treat them badly and also even hit them and also abuse them as well they hit them and dont feed them water and or food and people can be really mean but they choose to be but poeple also choose to be nice and kind to pets such as cats or even dogs too.