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Have you ever witnessed or experienced anything abusive in your family or others’? You can always contact an adult and tell them what you saw to fix the problem. Forged By Fire by Sharon Draper shows a lot of examples of child abuse.

Child abuse is a common problem in this world. Child abuse is by far the most mentioned problem in the book . I chose this topic because this problem has a huge affect in children’s’ lives and impacted the lives of the characters in the book. Abusive parents or any adult in that matter should know that the impact it could have in that child’s life.

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There were many reported cases in Ohio, but in the whole United States, there is about three-million reported cases in one year.  Abuse to children is a very good topic to discuss to people. Child abuse is when a parent, caregiver, or any adult tries to hurt a child. It can be anything that can be abusive to the child.

Such as, sexual, physical, child neglect, etc. This problem mostly happens when the adult is having problems themselves, they use their anger onto the child. Child abuse is introduced in the novel many times and it could be in many different ways of abuse. Like in the first chapter of the novel, Gerald was very young. He lived with his mother and sometimes when Monique drank or did drugs, she would hit Gerald. This can be an example of child abuse. But, after that incident she got arrested because of Gerald.

 Also, how Jordan treated Angel, when Monique came back to see Gerald for the first time. You can see that Angel had been abused because she had bruises on her legs and tried to cover it up. Also when Jordan played “the game” with her when she was younger, he soon got arrested.The novel Forged by fire shows many examples of child abuse and it sounds very realistic. This topic in the book goes from the start of the book, to the end. The novel handled this common issue by putting in realistic problems and incidents.  This problem in the novel is very nicely introduced in the nove.

I recommend for children to read this novel to get to know more about society and unhealthy families so it can benefit their future.Forged by Fire shows a lot of emotion, abuse, especially child abuse. From the start of the novel, to the end. I genuinely think that this common problem should be mentioned to other people. The  Forged by Fire novel introduced this topic nicely and it can be based off a true story.

Abuse in general is a very common problem in this world. Children might think it is normal to be hurt by an adult if they are used to it. They don’t know if they should tell someone about it. If you witness any abuse, report it, you can save someone’s life.