Have The importance of higher education is obtain

        Have you ever wonder if a college
education is really worth the price tag. Will we really get a return on our
investment? We heard from people that a college education is a worthy

        In today’s society, a college degree has been
required in all well-known occupied professions. College degree is everything
in today’s society. Wherever you go for a job interview they asked for the
college degree. Whether the job is locally or professionally. Nowadays parents
are encouraging their children to go college and became professionals. “Education
helps everyone to be better people. We go to college to learn about the world
and engaging with new ideas and discover new things.”               

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         The average cost of attending a
four-year private university is now nearly $45,000 per year —triple the price
tag then 90s and the equivalent, after taxes are cut out, of almost a
year’s income for a median household today. Even states schools are cost
average $20,000 per year. Students can’t afford this much cost so they have to
borrow money or have to take loans to get a better education. The importance of
higher education is obtain a career that can support our needs and wants. It’s
also important because it gives you an advantage of trying to get professional

            College degree worth the money
because an adult who has bachelor’s degree or higher degree get twice income
than someone with only a high school diploma. There are more jobs in today’s
society that requires a college degree. College graduates develop more and
better employment and opportunity within earning a college degree.

           College degree worth the price tag
because students get to know advantages of college explore more things about
their field and so many different career opportunity. Everyone has to have a
college degree for better future.