Have We Confused Power with Greatness?

We have, I fear, confused power with greatness. (Stewart Dual) It is easy to become discouraged by politics in this country. The average person it appears has no voice. We make a noise about injustice and crime, greed and corruption. But the people in positions of authority – the people chosen to represent us as a nation, have chosen Instead to use their authority to gain power rather than affect change or influence.

The problem is right there in the definition of politics: Intrigue or maneuvering within political unit or group in order to gain control or power. I cannot see anybody In the political throng of Ukraine who stands out as a person with Integrity, who’s desire Is to see change In a positive way. Barring the miraculous, our beloved country restoration won’t come from any single leader, but from the people. We need to speak out, regardless of who Is listening.

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We need to act, regardless of how small and Insignificant we may feel. It Is In the gathering of voices and hands that change occurs. We as the people need to use every opportunity to act In ways that bring about a positive change to the people in the community around us. The power allows you to experience being stronger, smarter, freer and more comfortable and fully yourself. It allows you to take action. It is “A CAN DO” attitude even if you think you can’t. It lets you decide what is good for you.

It means doing what you can, when you an, rather than waiting for someone or something to change on it’s own. It is a method of taking charge of your life and being responsible for yourself. It means finding the solutions to a problem, and making the best choice now. The day will come, when this country will be led by people who’s hearts are In anguish over the suffering and broken, who’s desire is that truth and Justice would not only prevail but be used for healing and restoration.