Having Bravo were exceptional employees are recognized. Nominees

Having an entrepreneurial
attitude is important because it shows that you’re a risk taker and a leader.
Those who have an entrepreneurial attitude believe they’ll be successful and
are willing to risk their resources in pursuit of profit. Entrepreneurial
attitude influences innovation and performance.

The 3M Company, an
American multinational conglomerate corporation, has corporate policies and
procedures to promote personal freedom. There is a guideline that allows the 8,000
researchers to spend 15% of their time working on an idea without approval from
management.  Their encouraging employees to
work in labs to explore new products and technologies that seem promising and
beneficial to the company.

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employees are different in that they
take initiative and get things done without being directed to do so.
They take on more
responsibility and worry about the whole process of finding and satisfying
customers rather than just what they were hired for. The employees in this
category are an asset. They have the ability introduce a new idea, or to take
an existing idea and make it work better. Which in return helps improve production
and profit which is essential to thriving business. Some companies show
appreciation to these employees by acknowledging excellent performance. Another
approach is to combine recognition and appreciation in the form of a public
statement, mentioning specific examples of what has had a positive impact on
the company

Carlson company, an American privately held international corporation
in the travel industries, has an employee reward system called Bravo were exceptional
employees are recognized. Nominees get certificates signed by the heads of
their business units. They are also to receive gold points. These points are
redeemable for merchandise or gift certificates. Bravo recipients get
recognition for peers and top executives and are also able to receive awards of
their choice. Carlson excels because the program encourages behavior that
supports company strategy for building better relationships. Having a good
reward system helps keep employees happy and loyal to the company. Rewards,
like public recognition and additional pay, motivate employees to work harder. Companies
or organizations whose employees feel the are recognized for excellent
performance outperform companies who companies do not. People who feel
appreciated are more positive about themselves and their ability to contribute
to the company.