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Having reactions from 89 understudies we can presume that most of the members voted for concurrent bilingualism as opposed to successive bilingualism. Respondents were in help of the way that bilingualism should begin at the early age and the advantage of the procedure is that the person who begins learning two dialects at the underlying age ends up plainly capable in the two dialects else it will troublesome for him to end up plainly capable in L2 in later phases of his life. Around 78% of the respondents addressed that L2 learning process requires more exertion in the event that it is begun after basic period. The reactions of the understudies mirror that they think about English dialect as a decent medium for getting training. Respondents were in the support that an understudy ought to take in more than one dialect in early instruction particularly English since it is a universal dialect and it gives more vocation chances to a man. The respondents additionally gave a few articulations in help of synchronous bilingualism, one said that multilingual dependably overwhelm monolinguals. In addition, when question about capability of the mother dialect was postured around 63% of the respondents addressed that a child ought to learn L1 and L2 at the same time, capability in mother dialect has nothing to do with securing of L2. The respondents were in the support that a child can learn two dialects at any given moment and furthermore end up noticeably master in the two dialects all the while. Around 88 percent respondents said that an individual can turn out to be knowledgeable in the two dialects at once. Besides, individuals likewise surmise that learning L2 can’t cause hindrance in both dialect qualities and around 70% respondents upheld this. Infact, larger part of the general population were in the support that there ought to be concurrent bilingualism and English ought to be the medium of instruction rather than mother dialect. Another reality behind the examination was that over 75% of the respondents were from government funded school foundation, who got quality instruction and bolstered English medium approach. We likewise approached the respondents for their comments in regards to the point and a considerable lot of them gave great comments yet two of them are cited underneath. Individual 1: On the off chance that a tyke is made to take in numerous dialects from the very begin, it expands his ability to make due in various societies. Bilinguals don’t really have more educated capacity than monolinguals however the capacity to chat that is a device for his social life. At the point when the inquiry concerning the day and age of taking in the auxiliary dialect was gotten some information about 54% respondents were in the support that bilingualism should begin from pre-school age demonstrating that greater part of individuals trusts that the procurement of L2 should begin before the completion of the basic time frame. 35% addressed that bilingualism should begin at elementary school level demonstrating that initial a child ought to end up plainly capable in mother dialect than he ought to secure optional dialect. Just 11% were in the help that bilingualism should begin at optional level.