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Region with my three sisters and my parents. It was not until nine (9) years that I sadly lost my parents, and during that time we were still very young so my uncles decided that we stayed with them and their family.Things were normal until my second year In the secondary, when my uncle started behaving funny with me, he called and accused me of so many things of which I knew nothing about, the saddest of them all was when he accused me of being the source of the problems he was facing by then, It was traumatizing being Just fifteen years ND also looking up them as my parent, left me In an unstable emotional situation to the extent of trying to commit seclude, this as a result affected my final results, when I completed school.When I completed secondary school my uncle denied responsibility of me and sacked me to stay with my grandmother In the village. A year passed and I was still not hearing from him I was In a devastating situation, I at once thought my dreams for the future had being shattered because I couldn’t think of anyone for assistance, my grandmother on the other hand was not depending on any monthly earnings that could support me. That was when my auntie (Mrs..

Lillian Sees Bonus a retired teacher, knowing how hardworking I was decided to help me with the little she had(and considering what I went through still qualified with my results into the tertiary)l wasn’t impressed with my result so decided to sit for a private examination that my country organized and I passed successfully with better grades(all funded by my auntie). So I entered into the polytechnic to offer computer science which was not actually in line with what I intended to do in the future, but Ewing determined in life had decided to use it as a stepping stone to get to my destination In future.Until one day while browsing for scholarships discovered the Master Card Scholars Program it was like a dream come true for me, my auntie especially knowing how tough it was to raise money for my fees and accommodation . 1 was also very happy knowing that I could have a hope of entering into the University to offer nursing which I know it’s a profession I would love to practice in future. So I am looking up to this scholarship to make my dreams come to reality.

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