Healing Hospital

“A Healing Hospital is a hospital that employs healthy role models who teach health improvement, offers a healing environment and also leads community health improvement instead of just focusing on illness care and rescue care. A Healing Hospital focuses on healing and becomes an active member in fixing the healthcare system because they lower the need for costly, invasive care by improving health” (Harmony Healing House 2013). The healing hospital paradigm focuses on a holistic approach in caring for patients.

Healing a patient and curing a patient may seem to be the same thing, however curing a patient focusing on fixing the problem or eradicating the illness or disease. Healing on the other hand is about helping the patient be at peace regardless of their disease. It is about promoting a balance with the person’s body, mind and spirit. This kind of environment helps reduce anxiety and stress that can positively affect a patient health. The three components of a healing hospital are first, providing an environment that promotes healing through compassionate and loving care.

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This is done through helping patients and families manage stress, decreasing noisy distractions to give patients a quiet environment that enables the patients to get the most sleep. “Patients bodies perform the most repair during sleep. Cells regenerate faster during sleep” (Eberst 2008). With less noise and distractions the employees are able to have a stress-free environment. Also having an environment that is done in a tasteful and beautiful way gives patients the environment needed for healing.

Second, integrating technology and work design that helps employees work more efficiently and are able to promote privacy and security for the patients. Advancements in technology enable the hospital to provide top quality care. Lastly and most importantly, a healing hospital integrates a culture of “Radical Loving Care” this helps remind the healthcare professionals why they are in the medical field. It encourages and promotes healing through holistic care through caring for the patients physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

“Spirituality can be defined as a complex and multidimensional part of the human experience – our inner belief system. It helps individuals search for die meaning and purpose of life, and it helps them experience hope, love, inner peace, comfort, and support” (Joint Commission 2005). It is important to remember that medicine originated from religious contexts and for thousands of years worked together to promote healing (Albert, M. 1998). By using these components of a healing hospital it has shown that spirituality can complement medical treatments and be beneficial to better patient outcomes.

The focus of healthcare has been in treating the patient’s physical illnesses by using proven solid scientific means. Healthcare has become more about being a business and making money then it has about giving loving and compassionate care. With hospitals worrying about budgets, employees and most importantly patients are suffering. There has been little emphasis on addressing a patient’s spiritual needs in modern healthcare. Patients are often rushed around, with monitors going off, and are having less and less personal interaction with their healthcare providers.

With being so dependent on technology our patients are being dehumanized. The lack of compassionate loving personal care and focusing on only the physical aspects of our patients we are not healing them but causing more harm. There are many challenges that a healing hospital faces that include the stigma of religion in relation to patient care, financial, personal beliefs of employees, physicians and even patients, technology, legal issues, training and recruiting the staff, and current organization systems in place. The biggest of these challenges is that of finances.

“Providing a healing environment requires massive investments on facilities, technology, recruitment and training. Investment in facilitates and technology is required to ensure that the hospital physical environment has been integrated with the healing process“ (Medicine & Nursing 2012). With budgets and finances of great concern for most hospitals, trying to get administrations of hospitals to take on such a costly project can be challenging. With higher litigation rates and the rising costs of supplies and medical insurance is of great concern in today’s healthcare industry.

With the healing model address all aspects of patients’ needs (physical, spiritual and emotional) some treatments are then done on subjective beliefs, which has caused concern regarding how hospitals will adopt these since it is made up of people of diverse values and beliefs. According to the King James Bible in Ephesians 4:4 it states, “There is one body, and one spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling. ” Then in Matthew 7:12 it says, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

” The bible addresses the person as a whole and this includes their mind, body and spirit. It also tells how to treat others, to treat each other as we want to be treated. We all want to be respected and so we need to respect everyone who we are treating with love, compassion and kindness. People all want their needs to be respected, and these needs may include their spiritual needs. These principles are the foundation of a healing hospital and are expected out of us by God. As healthcare providers we are often taking care of patients in the most stressful moments of their lives.

A healing hospital is able to use these components to promote healing and decreasing the stress the patients and their families are dealing with the commitment to providing compassionate care and striving for excellence. This model and concept of care is not just about eradicating disease but rather of promoting the person a whole. By embracing these beliefs in treating patients and not a disease process with loving and compassionate care that includes their spirit, the healing hospital is able to heal patients not just physically but spiritually.

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