Health Current Events

According to CDC, teens around 15-17 never spoke with their parents and guardians about sex and more than 80% of sexually active teens didn’t receive sex education. This is a problem because the teen who’s pregnant will less likely to graduate in high school or earn GEED. Birth rates among teenagers will increase even more from 1 999, because the CDC estimated that every week, nearly 1,700 teenagers gave birth. Reaction This may seem like a rather simple-minded question, but one Of the questions that should I always be posed before any endeavor is, “why do it? ‘ and “what do we hope to gain from it? ” I am surprised how some schools don’t teach about sex education.

This is a very important education because not learning about human sexuality can effect ten’s life. For example, they will less likely to go to college or finding a job since they are pregnant. Sex education in general is a primary source of motivation. Just consider the amount of time spent thinking and planning for sex, and let alone the time pent in sexual behavior itself. Sexual motivation does to some extent influence human behavior. Another reason for studying human sexuality is that we may face various personal and social problems involving sexuality, such as, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and sexual harassment. U.

S Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USURIES) reports that Americans put their health on the line by taking hazardous combinations of prescription medications and dietary supplements. They named 5 medicines that is harmful to people’s health and they were multivitamins, SST. John’s Worth and birth control pills, Vitamins B and stains, decongestants and blood pressure medications, and fish oil and blood thinners. The Multivitamins is harmful because it contains many ingredients of nutrients which interact people’s prescription medications. According to the analysis from consumer lab, the vitamins and mineral don’t match the dosage which means that people will not be safe from combinations that are threat at high doses.

SST John’s Worth is a herb that weakens heart and cancer medicine and birth control pills because the herb fights for depression. Vitamins B and Stains are also dangerous because it weakens the muscles which means possible cramps or aches. Decongestants can make existing heart problems worse and narrows blood vessels throughout your body and can raise your blood pressure slightly. This cause an issue for someone with high blood pressure. Finally, Fish oils which are packed with Omega 3 acids are good for the joints, lowers cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory properties. As they are blood thinners, they must be taken in moderation especially those taking cardiac medications. However fish oil cause dizziness.

Blood thinners are bad or you if you have aspirin and warfare because you could be increasing your risk of excessive bleeding. I am surprised how multivitamins, fish oil, and Vitamin B was bad for you. I don’t really know about SST. John’s Worth and decongestants until now and they are also bad for your health too. Can’t believe multivitamins, fish oil, and Vitamin B are bad because I have seen many people buying these medicine and yet they are bad for your health. This means that people I have seen buying these medicine are basically just hurting themselves. This taught me a lesson that next time I am sick, I won’t take all of these five medicine.

In America, about 7 percent of school children take at least one medication, drug for emotional and behavioral difficulties. Apparently the medication are working and more than half of parents said it works according to the report. The researchers were unable to identify this specific medications prescribed for their emotional and behavioral difficulties according to the author of this article, Howe. Researchers have found that 9. 7 of boys compared with 5. 2 percent of girls take this medicine. As a result, more boys were given medication than girl. More reports found that parents will income less than 00% of the federal property level were less likely to feel the medication helped a lot.

This might contribute to more use of medications in people living under the poverty line. In conclusion, many more families have access to prescription medications than to non-pharmaceutical interventions. I can’t believe how parents are using drugs to help their children’s mental health. This is ridiculous. No matter how it’s good, parents shouldn’t still allow children to take drugs because they are bad. I am also astonished at the same time how drugs can help kids mental health but according to all the studies eve done in my previous health classes, drug is still bad. It’s addicting and can damage your body. So even though it’s good for children, I personally recommend to the parents that they should stop.

They all should know that drugs in general kill people. Us m Mary According to the study of British Medical Journal, antibiotics have improve growth in children at risk of undernourishment in low and middle income countries. Malnutrition reflected in poor growth during the early childhood which is the cause of the nearly half all children in worldwide perspective. In order to solve this problem the world health organization (WHO) highly commend antibiotics for malnourished children and for those whose infected or exposed by HIVE. Soon this study began and consisted often trials involving around 4,000 children aged to month to 12 years in seven low and middle income countries.

The researchers have found that this antibiotics increased children’s weight and height. For weight, 23. 8 grams per month and for height, 0. 04 CM per month too. After adjusting for age, effects on height and weight were larger in African regions compared with other regions. The researchers have also found that poor growth has been infection to the scribes that normally occupy in the human gut. Mechanism are responsible for the growth promoting effects of antibiotics but remain unclear. Mechanism can help resolve everything underlying infections in children but more research is needed. I am glad that antibiotics is increasing the growth in low and middle income countries.

Since low and middle countries don’t have lots of money to support children, many children were dying and that made me sad but after I just read this news, I am relived. Have been reading news about children dying in low or middle income countries such as India, regions in Africa for example, and it’s always about starvation. My pastors and my teachers sometimes discuss about this event and that always made me sad. However, now I am very thankful for this study that helped many children from undernourishment. Pediatricians strongly recommend that training such as neuromuscular training program is able to cut the risk of a serious CAL injuries and others to avoid knee injuries.

According to a clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics say that in order to avoid serious injuries such as CAL injuries, systematic training programs is one of the most important to help teens void knee injuries. Apparently, systematic training program can help teen CAL injuries as well as any other teens avoid leg injuries. Before playing a teenage athletes should do physical exercise just in less than 10 minutes and 2 or 3 times a week. Pediatricians strongly recommend that coaches should train teenage athletes such as neuromuscular exercise to avoid knee injuries. I used to have lots of knee injuries but hearing this new discovery can help me get less damaged.

I didn’t know that training such as neuromuscular training program can avoid getting knee injuries. I do martial art but it’s very ungenerous. You can get more serious injuries than knees injury in martial art but just in case, I should do some neuromuscular training like what Pediatricians said, teenage athletes should do physical exercise just in less than 10 minutes and 2 or 3 times a week. So I will do this exercise every week before I do marital art. This piece of information have just helped me a lot and I am grateful. Two major cities such as Chicago and Philadelphia are expanding and advertising programs that allows for teens to get condoms at school and at home.

Chicago school district have been worked closely with city’s health apartment to make condoms available at two public high schools. The purpose of this program was to reduce teen pregnancy and birth rates. The reason they did this is because Chicago teen birth rates is over one and a half times the national average and is more than twice that of New York City. This is because previously, sex education did not start until 5th grade City officials are announcing that they will expand condom to at least 24 high schools in the district for 2014-15 school year in Chicago. Another reason that they are doing this is because 35% of people are having sexual intercourse in gig school without using any protection. This was reality.