Health History

Jarvis (2012) state that the purpose of a health history Is to collect subjective data- what the person tells you about himself or herself. This gives a complete picture of the person’s past and present health. This Information will help the nurse or physician determine if you are doing everything right, but also what you may need help with to keep your lifestyle healthy. The complete health history is very detailed.

Working in a specialty I rely on a soused history. My center does not take a complete health history on our patients. We rely on the information already in the computer taken by other clinics. Our data collection form is very specific and related to kidney disease. Doing this detailed history was grueling to me. Only because I was not used to it. In fact, I have not done one since nursing school. Yikes! This opened my eyes to how important a health history is and it deserves to, not be repeated, but reviewed with the patient and/or family to ensure accuracy.

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I personally do not feel that my center will change its clinical practice in how we obtain an abbreviated health history, however I can make a difference by taking the extra time to ensure accuracy. This is a patient record and has no room for errors. A ah-ha” moment for me this week was at my own yearly exam. The medical student was reviewing my chart with me and I was shocked at how some of the pertinent information was incorrect. Allergies to medications that I do not have, nor do I remember telling them I had reactions to and the family history was wrong. Now

I know that I will take the extra time to review the complete health history already In the computer with the patient. Reference Jarvis, C. (2012). Physical examination & health assessment (6th deed. ). SST. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier Saunders. By relish ANNUM-02 Kaplan University Jarvis (2012) state that the purpose of a health history is to collect subjective data- the person’s past and present health.