Health Insurance

Even though the law requires all Americans to have healthcare, not all Americans live by the law. But they do pay for the consequence.

There are higher taxes but there are lower deductions because of those who don’t pay or qualify. Those who don’t pay for Insurance and don’t qualify for Medicaid will be billed either $95 or 1 percent of the Income, depending on which is higher, during the year 2014. As we continue to start the new years over, the tax amount Increases. In 2015, the amount Is $325 dollars or 2 percent of the Income and In 2016 the amount Is $695 or 2. 5 percent of the income.Also, within the act it said that individuals with annual incomes above $200,000 and couples with incomes above $250,000 are to pay higher taxes to help cover the cost of the program. An example of a con would be the fact that by 2025 is said that it could possibly be a shortage of about 52,000 primary care physicians. This is because a study was done by the National Monitor and an increase In office visits to the primary care physician was shown.

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As a result of the Increase, a lot of Americans will not have access to healthcare. Along with the shortage of primary care physicians, there is a possibility of higher hermetically costs.There is a “donuts hole” in Medicare that the pharmaceutical companies are trying to help pay off or at least pay a part of it in the next ten years. The “donuts hole” is the prescription drug coverage gap within the group of people receiving the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect me personally in 3 ways; one being In the present and two being in the future. While being in the present, it could affect me because I currently have monthly refills that are at a reasonable price and I would Like for the price of my medicine not to be Increased.In reference to the future, It would affect me with paying taxes because of the salary of my household and with the shortage of primary care physicians. As a computer science major and a nothing but increase the income so I do plan on paying higher taxes. I also plan on having a family and I would like for my family to be well taken care of medically. Supreme Court Judge Vinson made a ruling that the Beamer be declared a tax and not a mandate. Because of this ruling, almost half of United States opted out of expanding Medicaid which in turn effected the poorest 7% of America.I personally Greer with the Supreme Court decision in regards to it being a tax and not a mandate but I believe a comprise could have been made so that the 7% of America that was effected wouldn’t have been effected as much.

It is the poorest 7% of America that needs the health insurance the most because it is the poorest 7% of America that can’t afford to pay for visits to the doctor, urgent care, and emergency rooms out of pocket. I think that during the 2016-2020 presidency, the topic of possibly creating another law or editing the current law to counteract some of its content would come up.I live that the topic would be brought to the table if the law is either doing more harm than good or if the law hasn’t had any effect big to notice the difference. As much as I would like to take a stand, I honestly cannot choose.

As a middle class African American minority, I believe in the positive aspects/pros of the law. I like the fact that everyone is eligible for insurance as long as the state participates in expansion. I like the fact that the law provides coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and also that they can’t be dropped if they develop one in the midst of avian coverage.I like the fact that the law requires insurance companies to spend the majority of the health insurance premiums on medical care and not on profits and overhead. I even agree with the wealthy paying higher taxes to help fill America’s debt. On the other hand, I don’t believe that the cost of pharmaceutical medicine should be increased. Taxes on the . 2% of firms and businesses over 50 people are causing them to cut back on employee hours or not hire additional people because the law requires them to ensure that all full time employees have insurance or they have to pay a fine.

I’m on the con side of the law because this also plays a hand in my future because I could apply for a Job and not get it because they don’t want to hire full time employees. Unfortunately I can’t pick a side but I can support why I’m neutral. Employer Based Health care costs for a family of four have doubled in less than a decade from $9,235 2002 to over $19,000 2011. The health insurance costs under Beamer represented above are the base cost of premiums before subsidies for a Bronze plan. 6 in 10 uninsured Americans will pay $100 or less for their plan and many will qualify for free coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.