Health service

In recent years, there has been a strong interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle, although it is argued that money should be invested in medical facilities. In my opinion, the government should lay emphasis on treating those who suffer from health problems. Governments can allocate adequate money to public health and upgrade medical facilities, which are Important to public well-being.

Free clinics can be open to the public in different communities, especially deprived communities, while public hospitals can also provide low-cost services and help visitors check their health conditions regularly.The wide access to the health service enables patients to receive high-quality treatments, and because of this, they are able to recover from health problems and lead a fulfilling life. Another benefit Is that Investment In treatment and medical services can cure various diseases, including those diseases which are not Induced by unhealthy lifestyles.

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It is really the case for those hereditary diseases, which would have a long- term adverse impact if not dealt with effectively. Spending money in curing the sick could protect vulnerable people from some diseases and the increased satisfaction tit life can contribute to social stability.Despite the importance of the medical service, it is still necessary for the government to encourage the public to lead a healthy life.

Authorities can provide more fitness equipment or sports facilities for people’s physical exercise and also launch public campaigns to raise health awareness in the public. Healthy habits can reduce the risk of ill-health; otherwise, the medical service can be stretched to the limit. To sum up, the best option for the government is to improve the health service. On the other hand, the public expenditure can be reduced if people lead a healthy life.