Hello or can’t seem to remember, I’m the

Hello there, my name Stella Liebeck and I’m the old lady that people think of when they think of frivolous lawsuits against major corporations over things that are supposed to be common sense. For those of you that haven’t heard about the story or can’t seem to remember, I’m the old lady that spilled coffee on myself and sued Mcdonald’s for the injuries that I had suffered from the incident. What most people think is that I was a stupid old lady who was driving and trying to drink the coffee and spilled a little bit on myself and was greedy enough to take McDonald’s to court over my own stupidness and ended up winning. But that’s just the story that McDonald’s and their lawyers want the people to think and what they’ve implanted into the media to make me look worse so that other people will not stand up against the big industries. Lets first start at the beginning of the whole incident and what really happened that day and how the story was changed to fit the persona McDonald’s wanted to scare the public from doing something like this again. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my grandson’s car and he was parked in the parking lot of the mall, I had the cup between my legs as I tried to remove the top in order to add cream to the coffee. This was not my smartest move and I take full responsibility for the accident but the problem was with how hot the coffee was, normal people in their houses make coffee at 135-150 degrees Fahrenheit but McDonald’s used to serve coffee at an astounding 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of how hot the coffee after just a few seconds of contact with my skin it started to burn my skin, I suffered full thickness or 3rd degrees on my thighs, buttocks, groin and genital area. Skin grafting was required to relieve me from the pain and throughout the whole process, I wasn’t able to feel the lower half of my body. The pain was so immense that I felt like I was sitting on the surface of the sun or somewhere even hotter. I’ve taken full blame for spilling the coffee over on myself but what really complexed me and the doctors was why the coffee was hot enough to give me the 3rd-degree burns anyway. Why would McDonald’s make their coffee that hot and maybe this was just an isolated incident that happened to me. But with some further research into the topic and before trying to take McDonald’s to court to cover the medical bills from the 3rd-degree burns I found out that greater than 700 people have reported getting burns from the coffee from 1982 to 1992. This was the knowledge that I used and based my lawsuit against McDonald’s on, I didn’t just do it because I messed up and split it on myself but that people have complained to the company before about spilling the coffee on themselves. This shows negligence in the company itself, they know that the coffee they serve is made at temperatures too great for normal consumption and have been told about this before. But they just sit back because no one will ever try to fight them over it and challenge the huge corporation over the kind of tactics they use. At first, I just wanted to settle for the $20,000 medical bill that I had suffered because of the spillage of the coffee on myself and I was willing to walk out and never bring this up again because maybe they might learn from this. But McDonald’s rejects the settle plea because they thought they would be able to walk away scot-free form this with the help of their big-time lawyers. When we finally reached the court and the story was heard by the jury the people on the jury decided that this was negligence by the company itself, so they find McDonald’s 2 days worth of coffee sales which amount up to be 2.7 million dollars at that time and I was awarded $200,000 to compensate for my injuries. Both charges were cut down based off of one, that the fine was too high and two, that I was somewhat responsible for the incident, which I agreed with because of how stupid it was to try and add cream in that way. After this McDonald’s used their marketing team and lawyers in order to flip this story back onto me as the greedy and stupid old lady that got away with the frivolous lawsuit because of sympathy for me by the jury. This was done in order to stop anyone else from standing up to the big corporations and remove that much more power from the consumer. Please help me spread the word about the correct story behind the whole fiasco and share this blog to others, also tell me what you think about what I did in the situation and whether you would do that as well.