Helping Antonio

Antonio is a fourth grader that bullies his peers and he has come to realize that he no longer wants to en the school bully. Antonio has not friends and does not Like the person he is and want to change. Antonio knows that all of his bulling has made no one to like him and with looking at his reflection has come to terms with this and Is now asking for help to become a better person. Ice Breakers Name Train One person walks around the group and picks one person.That person then puts their hands on the leader’s shoulders and yells their name In whatever tone they want. And everyone else has to mimic It.

The leader keeps dragging the train around while the last person to join picks someone else. (5-10 minutes) Human outline Two people are randomly paired together and on a long sheet of paper. This one is easier to explain through example, so let’s say two girls, Leslie and Meg, get paired together.

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They get one long piece of paper (about 6 Ft. Sheet and take turns drawing en side (from a front view) of each other.Let’s say Meg drew Lassie’s left side, so for the right side of the person, Leslie draws Meg. When both or done drawing, they list random facts about each other in their side.

They then show it to the rest of the group. (About 30 minutes) M&M Questionnaire You get one or more, depending on size of group, big bags of M&M’s. You open them up and pass the bag around. Each person pulls out 1 M and passes the bag to the next person. You continue this cycle until you run out. When all M’s are passed UT, you begin to ask questions in a circle.Each M&M represents a question. (Red could be “Name one hobby” and blue could be “Name one of your favorite bands”.

) You pick which M&M to answer for; when you answer, you can eat the M&M. You must say your name before you answer a question. (The time for this Is dependent on group size. ) Role-play social situations with your students. Consider having students assume the roles of bully, victim and bystander and give them common social situations where bullying might occur and have them act them out.

The allowing are some situations that you might have student’s role play: a student calls you a name a student cuts In front of you In line a student takes the ball away from you on the playground a classmate doesn’t let you join in a game during recess. After the role play, have your students talk about can have a chance to try out their own responses and hear what their classmates might say and do. Give them feedback by having them consider whether their response is likely to get their point across without angering or provoking the other student.If you find that younger students are unable to role play these situations, you might act them out using puppets and then engage them in a discussion.

Class support I would start by explain to the class that Antonio is sorry for bulling them around and he has come to me and asked for help to become a better person, and with their help we will be able to help Antonio. I would help my students support Antonio by explaining to them that he need friends and support system to change and that I will be with them helping every step of the way. The Strategy that I would implement forAntonio in order for him to stay on the right path is a good deeds chart, ever morning when he comes to school he needs to try and say something nice to is fellow peers and do something nice for at least three classmates. My suggestion to Notation’s parents would be to look and Matron’s good deeds chart daily, praise him for not being a bully and to communicate with me at least once a week starting out. References: http://4-h. Ca. Sky.

Due/files/STICK _Bullying_Program. PDF http://www. Ninja. Org/news-and-publications/Ninja-review/may-2009/preventing- bullying-in-school