Henry Fayol

Henry Payola established several principles about management.

He thought that management was not only a word, it was a science that should be studied. Believing in his management principles he wrote a book, describing each of them and teaching how to apply them. He believed that management was an important part in organizations. Even though, when the word administration in his book was translated into English and read around the world, into management, people knew both words were linked, both had the same purpose.Henry Payola was born in France, and work for several years in one single business: He was determined to improve his work and the others too. TIMELINE 2. Which kind of management did Payola Recommend? Payola’s recommendations were based in his principles, but also he believed in motivation. According to his beliefs, the way an employee felt was the way he will develop his work.

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So motivating the employees will make them be efficient and comfortable in his position and task.Some examples of these idea are shown in the allowing principles, such as remuneration, being fair with everybody economical satisfaction; also Equity, to know when to be kind and discipline at the same time. Besides motivation, he also recommended a specific management depending on the size of the organization: The larger one organization was, the same management It should have and the opposite too. 3. How can Payola’s influence be appreciated? Here management came out from, they know what management is, which ones are the principles and the guidelines to manage a certain group of employees. His influence is not Just related to business managers, it is important for all kind of managers, beginning from a group of 3 to 4 people until group of employees up to one hundred.

As teachers we are influenced for him in our daily organization, even if we didn’t know about him, we do know what management is about and which ones are the details to take in count when practicing it. 4. How did Payola relate to Frederick Taylor?Payola and Taylor had a single purpose, they both were interested in management and OTOH wanted to establish different ideas to be applied in future organizations, also both were determined to change administrators and managers leadership. Although both share the same interest, they set up different guidelines for management application. Payola focused on a management from top to bottom, beginning from the director, to the managers until the employees: Taylor watched them in the opposite way, He was focused on workers, while Taylor thought that having the control was more important.That’s why Payola motivated employees and Taylor forced them. Payola also delivered specific task for employees while Taylor believed that all employees had to do all Jobs. They contrasted in different details, but both did of management an object of study.

5. Why isn’t Payola’s impact recognized? Payola’s impact isn’t recognized because nowadays exist more information about management, even though he is the father of this movement, people now know about management without wondering where it came from, they don’t even notice that some studies based on management are the result of the principles that Payola wrote.