Henry Ford is who created the Ford Motor

Henry Ford is who created the Ford Motor Company. Henry is famous for building a car, and inexpensive car that anyone can afford., Ford built thethe Model A in 1903 and then the Model T was, built on October 1, 1908 for a mere $850.00 ($18,000 in today’s world). The Model T or to common folk “Tin Lizzie” was built for the ordinary person.

Henry Ford also streamlined the assembly line concept in building cars. Henry Ford raised the bar on wages. In 1914 the average wage for males was $2.34 per day. Henry Ford raised wages at his automobile factory to $5 per day. This forced other factory owners to raise their wages just to keep their workers. Henry Ford also introduced profit sharing and a reduced work week from six6 days to five5 days per week.Henry was born July 30, 1863 in Greenfield Township, Wayne County, Dearborn Michigan to William and Mary Litogot Ford.

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His father expected Henry to take over the farm but Henry hated the farm. “I never had any particular love for the farm – it was the mother on the farm I loved”In 1879 Henry moved to Detroit to work as an apprentice machinist with James F. Flower & Bros. Later with the Detroit Dry Dock Co. In 1882 returning to Dearborn to work on the family farm where he honed his skills operating the Westinghouse portable steam engine.

Henry was later hired by Westinghouse to service their engines Henry attended Goldsmith, Bryant & Stratton Business College in Detroit, where he studied bookkeeping. Henry married Clara Jane Bryant (m. 1888-1947) they had one son Edsel Ford (1893-1943)What Henry Ford really is famous for? Yes, he found the Ford Motor Company but it’s the developing concepts in manufacturing. The assembly line. His vision was to have skilled, well-paid workers sharing in the production of an affordable automobile His developments led him to meet Thomas Edison about car design.

In 1891 Edison hired Henry as engineer for Edison Illuminating Company. Promotion soon followed in 1893 and with time and money on his own time experimented with gasoline engines. In 1896 was the completion of a self-propelled vehicle dubbed “Ford Quadricycle”After several drives he spent ways to improve the Quadricycle.

Edison was involved in Ford’s invention in the automobile and encouraged Ford to build a second vehicle and completing it in 1898. This time with the backing of Detroit’s lumber mogal William H Murphy, Henry resigned from Edison Company and founded the Detroit Motor Company. By 1901 because of the lower quality of materials and higher cost to build the Detroit Motor Company went out of business.After Ford designed, built and raced a 26 HP automobile in 1901, stockholders in the Detroit Motor Company formed the Henry Ford Company.

 After the race in 1902 Ford received backing from an old friend Alexander Y Malcomson an area coal dealer, they formed a partnership “Ford and Malcomson Ltd.” and started manufacturing automobiles. Leasing a factory and  the Dodge Brothers, John & Horace E Dodge to supply the parts, Ford designed inexpensive cars.

Only after the Dodge Brothers demanded payment for the parts did Malcomson bring in other investors and convinced the Dodge Brothers to accept a portion of the business, Ford & Malcomson reincorporated as the Ford Motor Company.Abraham Lincoln was president when Henry Ford was born and Harry S Truman was president when Henry Ford died. America would be transformed during Henry Ford’s life time. An ever changing world as a result of what Ford did to bring his vision of mass production into being. Farmers and city people could afford the Model T because building inexpensive cars, reliable cars on a moving assembly line by non-skilled workers was cheap labor. “I will build a motor car for the great multitude”.  Non-skilled workers either kept up with the pace of production or they were gone, replaced with another non-skilled worker.

 This common practice is still in use today.Henry opposed unions. Ford did not trust the powers behind labor unions. As a businessman Henry Ford believed that employer’s managers should do right by their workers, paying them a good wage and giving them good working conditions. In Henry Ford’s world, each worker’s individual merit could be recognized.Ford’s $5 per day on an 8-hour a day work schedule made headlines.

Think where would we be if Henry Ford hadn’t thought of this great idea, yeah working 6 days a week for fewer pennies per day.Like most unskilled workers in Ford’s eye, these workers were of lower class citizens or immigrants lacking communication skills. To address this Ford established a school, classrooms right in the factory. Employees would attend before or after their shift to become Americanized. The classes were mandatory and instruction was practical: teach English, washing their clothes, bathing, oral hygiene, house cleaning, saving money. Ford’s $5 per day on an 8-hour a day work schedule made headlines.

Think where would we be if Henry Ford hadn’t thought of this great idea, yeah working 6 days a week for fewer pennies per day.If you were a skilled laborer at $5 per day came at a price. The Sociology Department kept an eye on you. The Sociology Dept. would come visit you at your home and inspect the way you were living. It was mandatory for these employees to open up a savings account, preferably at the company bank.

No gambling or drinking allowed