Hero Zero

The Quiet Professionals, The “Necessary Evil”, Operators, Ghosts whose sole purpose Is to do what laws across the globe to include our own tell us that we should not. Esp. Call Operations: Rangers, SEALS, MARCO, FIASCO, Green Berets, and The unit better know n as Delta, what happens to Americas Elite once their mission Is finally finished and they a re sent home. Well the war Isn’t over now that were finally home, Its Just change the field In which we conduct combat.Now that our world has flipped upside down reintegrating back Into Cleveland society Isn’t as simple as a change of scenery, most of us need some help medically d Lie to the invisible wound known as PETS.

Socially be it immediate family, spouses, close friend s, or making new ones has gone from a hurdle into a mountain of a problem to overcome. The one never spoken of yet seems to be the biggest obstacle after years at combat, the tern al war within.For most its not a question of do “l” need the help anymore more as when and how it will come available. The VA has made drastic improvements in meeting the needs of eve trans seeking care but the Mental Health department still has a ways to go. This issue varies s from VA clinic to clinic depending on where the veterans assigned to but the major reason is s impel numbers, there are more patients than caregivers. On average veterans can wait for several weeks up to two months to ever see a doctor and for some that may be to late. What the VA has Implemented to compensate).

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Given the nature for which most veterans seek me tall help PETS It Is as far from cut and dry as It could possibly be, what might work for some m Eight not work for all so finding the right treatment whether It be the medicine or therapy rout e It Is still a difficult issue to live with. Maintaining relationships with friends and loved ones after returning from combat is already difficult enough much less the thought of making completely new ones.Peers anally years spent in combat and the distance its created over my time in the military demolished my immediate family as well as my marriage, this may not be the case for every veteran who returns home from combat but for many it is the sad truth. Studies conducted by Pee w Research Center as well as those conducted by the VA have shown that amongst combat vets a s the number and length of combat deployments rise so do the numbers of veterans with documented issues reintegrating with their families, spouses, as well as close friends.

When it comes to making new friends there are a few particular hurdles most don’t eve legalize exist. What do you talk about when first meeting a new potential friend or grog up of people? The sense of humor we developed during our time in the military might see m morbid or totally absurd to most, so how do we Joke with people without totally outclassing rouser Ivies? The simple answer we either adapt or completely start over, which may not seem like a bi g deal for most but in the scope of adjusting back to civilian life as a whole its another issue ad deed to our already long dodo list.